Should Your Small Business Be Using Pinterest?

Should Your Small Business Be Using Pinterest?

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an inspirational pinboard that launched in 2010. It allows users to share and organize visual imagery. It is up to the user to pin anything from around the web, including pictures, documents, or video. Users then organize their “pins” into different boards.

Should Your Small Business Be Using Pinterest? According to a recent statistic, Pinterest attracts 1,090 visitors per minute. It also shows Pinterest beating Facebook for customer engagement, inspiration for purchases and branding.  It goes to show that Pinterest can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website, and getting the attention your brand deserves.

Here are 4 reasons that may help you jump on board:

Connect with your Audience – Visually – Build a community around your visual imagery to help capture an engaged audience. 40% of people respond better to visual information than text. (source: HubSpot) If you are creating great content, such as Infographics or Videos, make sure you push it out to Pinterest as well.

Helps Build Authority – Share your expertise in the field by pinning industry related news and events your fans can attend.  Establish your brand as the expert in this field.

SEO Purposes – Drive Traffic – Pinterest is actually a great tool that you can use to help boost your SEO. Make sure to follow these best practices:

  • About Section – Use keyword-rich text that clearly defines what your company does. This section is limited to 200 characters.
  • Verify Website – Verifying your website within Pinterest will include a checkmark next to your domain, which will help boost your SEO ranking.
  • Include Keywords – Make sure to include your keywords when naming your images/pins. Always use your company name, and whatever the image is showcasing.
  • Hashtags – As you have probably figured out by now, successful New Media revolves around linking your resources. Make sure you are leveraging your hashtags on all channels (Twitter and Google +).

Integrates with your Social Media Networks – Link to your Pinterest profile. If you have your Facebook and Twitter icon on your website, make sure to add the Pinterest icon. You can also add a customized tab on Facebook that will pull in your Pinterest boards.

So, are you ready to hop on board?

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