Some Quick Tips for Editing in Premiere Pro

Some Quick Tips for Editing in Premiere Pro

Editing is crucial to video. Without a solid edit with decent perspective, your message will be lost. There are many different editing programs to use, but most companies use either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. KE uses the latter, and we are pretty versed in tips and tricks for getting around the program easily.

Here’s one we use a lot. It’s a quick way to edit out part of a clip with keyboard shortcuts. Set your in-point on the beginning of the clip which you wish to cut out by hitting the “I” key and then your outpoint on the last part you want to cut out by tapping the “O” key. Then you can quickly cut out everything between the two points by hitting the ‘ key. You’ll see that the start of the next part of the clip moves over to the end part of the first part of the clip you just cut without leaving any space in between. It’s a great way to edit quickly and efficiently to keep the momentum flowing.

The + and – keys let you zoom in and zoom out of any given frame quickly and easily. This is beneficial if you’re needing to make a small cut on a large clip or you want to line up wave lengths in multiple audio tracks.

When getting into the final stages of editing, you’ll be switching back and forth between the workspaces (top left frame) pretty regularly. A quick way to go about that are by toggling using the keyboard shortcuts:
Editing Workspace: Command + 3
Audio Workspace: Command + 1
Color Correction Workspace: Command +2

Another tip is to get to know your frames. Premiere Pro has 5 frames within the default workspace; project, source, and program panels on top and the media browser and timeline panels along the bottom. Get to know these frames as best as you can, and the keyboard shortcuts along with them. It will shave so much off of your initial edit time and give you a little wiggle room to breathe.

You can also move these panels around to better fit your style of editing. Just grab the “dotted” part on the upper left hand side of the frame to move it around. If you move sometime to a place you didn’t mean to or want to reset to the default Premiere Pro workspace by choosing Windows > Workspace > Reset Current Workspace

You can also find a helpful list of default keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro online here.

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