3 Steps to Creating Content That People Will Read

3 Steps to Creating Content That People Will Read

As Bill Gates said, content is king. But how many times have you scrolled past a Facebook post or website page because it was confusing and hard to read? Valuable content is informative, clear, and concise. And even in your business is on the smaller or informal side, professional content is a must! There are three parts of polished content: the actual content, how it works, and its appearance.

Create it!

The first step in having content is creating content. Characteristics of exceptional content are originality, consistency, and conciseness. Not only will original content establish credibility, but people also enjoy reading something new. (They especially enjoy not having their content stolen!) Consistency is key to keeping readers. Find a niche and stay there! People will come back if they know what to expect. And lastly, let your words be short and sweet.

Now make it work!

Mechanics is an important detail of writing, even if you’re writing for social media. Two ways to improve mechanics are to learn common misused words (you’re, their, they’re, a lot, etc) and practice proper punctuation (say hello to the Oxford comma). Need help? Run the content through an online grammar checker. If you have the time, check out Grammar Book to learn grammar and punctuation rules.

Lastly, improve it!

In our instant society, first impression is often the deciding factor. If it doesn’t look pleasant, people won’t stop to read it. There are a few key ways to transform mediocre content into excellent content. First, post visual content when possible. Share images, graphics, and videos that have decent quality and match the business’  brand. Even if only a quote is being shared, quickly create a graphic with Canva to share.

People don’t just want to read what you have to say, they want to see it too. Tweet: “People don’t just want to read what you have to say, they want to see it too.”   http://ctt.ec/7nxYc+ @kreativelement #ke

Second, shorten links. Long links aren’t appealing and crowd posts. Using a link shortener (Bitly) will clean up posts (and gives more space on Twitter).

Still lost when it comes to writing content, or don’t have the time? Let us do it for you.

Tasha Double
Tasha Double
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