Content Strategy for 2015

Content Strategy for 2015

Having a content strategy that works along side your overall marketing strategy is no longer an option in 2015; it’s a necessity.

Let’s really define what content is first. Content is high quality, useful information that conveys a story presented in a contextually relevant manner with the goal of soliciting an emotion or engagement. Content can be expressed using a variety of formats including text, images, video or audio…essentially anything digital.

How do you build or utilize a content strategy – and inside of that — develop a super strong social strategy as well?


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We completely re-built our strategy guide for 2015, taking into account the constant changes of content marketing and what is being forecasted as the non-negotiable areas for the near future. Here are a couple of key stats to keep in mind:

35% — The percent of B2B marketers that have a documented content strategy plan. This is no longer an I’ll get to it next quarter subject.

70% — By 2017, online video will make up nearly 70% of consumer internet traffic. This is an astonishing number… video has always been powerful, but will only increase in value and NECESSITY in the next couple of years. Video is only one part of the content pool, but it is a large part!

Action Items for Your 2015 Content Strategy

Mission, Vision, Values: You may or may not have these for your company as a whole – if you have to look them up to find them, then you are not living them. Create them, and if you already have them, consider how well they translate into your marketing messaging? Do you need to define them for use in your content strategy? Think about creating content that focuses on, or highlights the business values you consider non-negotiable.

At KreativElement, we state that clients will hear from us in under 24 hours, regardless if we have an answer or solution yet, or not. Some say that is a simple rule to follow – try putting it in writing and holding yourself accountable to it.

Target Audience: Who are they, what are they wanting to see, how do they want to be communicated with? You see the question wasn’t, What do you want to deliver? – it’s all about what your target wants to see and learn. With our SEO clients, we discuss that they cannot develop long-tail keyword phrases based on how they want to be perceived or found, but rather how their customers and potential customers actually find them. Don’t force people into a box, instead, better define who it is you want to educate, engage with, work with, associate with and transact with.

Annual Driver: What is the general message you are building upon for the year? This could, and probably should be tied in with your company’s general annual message as well, but spin it to be used for marketing purposes.

Only after you develop these three areas can you go into the next important phases:

Objectives: You must define at least three objectives for the current quarter.

Quarter Ideas: Brainstorm ideas for the quarter’s content – do a brain dump and come up with 10-15 high-quality ideas for content generation every quarter. Once you have your first quarter built – pick out the top 2 ideas that are must-haves and place them in the first box. These are ideas that can’t “die on the vine” and must be built upon. Each quarter do the same thing. This document is living and breathing – don’t suffocate it with rigidity.

Identify and Define the Following: Touch points, where the content is going, how often it’s posted or used, what content do you have available, what needs to be created, what is the main topic area for the channel you are using, and what is the CTA (Call To Action) for that channel.

You can then develop your keyword phrases that are going to be essential in uncovering how your target audience is finding you online. This is imperative; your SEO and content marketing success hinges on the utilization of the right keys and where they should go – meaning the landing page that associates with that key. We recommend focusing on 10 keyword phrases and keeping them fresh all year.

Utilize the other tools of this single sheet solution. The back of the sheet allows you to track important dates, key events and any other aspects of your marketing strategy to tie the whole picture together. You want consistency in your approach, and this unique strategy guide will allow you to do that.

You can also utilize the bottom of the front side to better dial in the specific channels a little more, and define a separate objective for that channel as well as the exact strategy for reaching that objective. As an example, one of these objectives may be to develop a budget specifically for Facebook ads..

KreativElement facilitates the development of strategy plans with clients on a regular basis. Whether you’re a current client wanting to know more about content marketing, or you’re choosing to have a go at it on your own — we can help you build your strategy.

James Duran
James Duran
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