4 Steps to Snag 40 Relevant Twitter Followers/Week for Your Small Business

4 Steps to Snag 40 Relevant Twitter Followers/Week for Your Small Business

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.28.23 AMLet me start off by saying that “40” is an estimate, based on my own success with this very simple and effective method of attracting relevant Twitter followers for small business accounts. Sometimes that number can be considerably higher, or a little lower. Without further adieu…let’s get some relevant Twitter followers for your small business!

Step 1) Let Someone Else Do the Hard Work

This is my favorite part, because I love any technique that involves working smarter, rather than harder. Many small business owners who choose to utilize Twitter in their marketing efforts, have no clue where to find relevant followers. The key is to let someone else do it for you. Define your target audience and then find an account that has already built a following of those people.

For instance, as a marketing firm we look for local, small business owners. Our target audience could be found on a local chamber of commerce account, an upcoming entrepreneurs conference or from a competing local marketing firm.

Step 2) Mass Follow

Once you find an account chalked full of the exact Tweeps you’d like to connect with, do a mass following of their followers as well as the accounts they are following. I will usually follow anywhere from 200-400 accounts. It is considered good Twittiquette to follow someone back who has followed you, so you can expect to get a decent number of follow backs.

Step 3) Mass Unfollow

However, you can also expect to get a much higher number of those who don’t end up following you back, and that’s okay! What you want to do now is wait at least two weeks after you conduct a mass following, to give those who will follow you back an opportunity to do so. When that two weeks is up, you’re going to want to use a tool called TweepDash (or something like it). It will connect with your Twitter and let you know who you are following that isn’t following you back. In the interest of keeping a healthy followers/following ratio, you will want to then unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed you back, which can be done from the TweepDash dashboard. So there’s no going back and forth –it’s very simple.

Step 4) Repeat

In these two-week cycles you will repeat the same three steps. Due to eminent overlap in your relevant audiences you might end up following and unfollowing the same people several times. This is actually a good thing. Each time you follow them, they will likely receive and view a notification of that follow. That means that every time you follow them, you’re getting your name and logo in front of that person and giving them another opportunity to follow you back.

This is just one of the many SoMe tricks we have up our collective sleeves here at the social department of KreativElement. If you’d like to talk about how to increase your reach on social media, we’d love to start that dialog with you. We run social accounts, or we can give you the tools you need to confidently run your own. Contact us today if you’d like to start the talk: 402-557-5894

Contact us today if you’d like to start the talk: 402-557-5894

Courtney McGann
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