INTRO: Meet Mike!

INTRO: Meet Mike!


Hey everyone – it’s Mike – and I’m one of the newest members of the KreativElement team! I recently joined the fine folks down here at the Mastercraft building as their Director of Design, and I’m excited to be in the mix. I thought it would be best to have my first post be somewhat of an introductory story to let you know how I became part of the team, so here we go.
It all started with a cup of coffee and a conversation…

(CLICK HERE for the Dream Sequence rabbit hole).


“Conversation never hurt anyone,” is something one of my greatest mentors often told me, and that phrase has stuck with me ever since. I met James Duran, one of the managing partners here at KE, through Courtney McGann, the copywriter on our team. She and I belong to the same chapter of a local networking group and one day a few weeks ago in our meeting, she announced that business was booming and her and her team needed some help! I happened to be looking for some recurring revenue in the design world, so I asked her if we could chat further. She scheduled a meeting between James and I on a Saturday and we had a cup of coffee and a great chat. A few days later, I officially became part of the team!


I learned very quickly in my convo with James that KreativElement has some really cool things going on. I mean, REALLY cool. During our meeting, James was showing me some of the 3D camera stuff he’s done and I was blown away! I hadn’t seen anything like it. Needless to say, he got my attention.

We also spoke about the great social media work, web design, and the visual production projects KE had done or was getting ready to start working on. We brainstormed about strategizing and other creative stuff, and one thing that James told me is that even though KreativElement was doing some design, he was interested in doing much more! All of this meant one thing…he was going to need some help, and I was definitely intrigued with the opportunity.


I started working as a Graphic Designer in the fall of 2001 after getting a degree in Graphic Design from Wayne State College in May of that year. My first gig was designing air-inflated costumes and mascots. It was crazy cool for a while, then I decided to move on. I worked at a sign shop for a bit and after that I made my way into higher education for a few years. All the while, I dabbled in many different things and no matter where life has taken me, I’ve always been a very entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial kind of guy. I bring an eclectic mix of experiences, talents, interests and abilities to the KE team and it is my goal to take everything that has lead me here and use it to help me serve our clients well!

I’m excited to have conversations about creative work and doing design for our clients because there is a wide range of different industries that KreativElement serves! That suites me well. I won’t have a chance to get bored – the diverse set of client companies means my work will always be different and that truly excites me. I’ll be helping small and medium sized businesses create their visual identity, manage their social media outlets and hopefully I’ll have a chance to get out there and use that cool 3D camera once in a while too! The ideas, concepts and imagery I will add to the mix will assist my team here at KE to tell the world great stories, which is so important these days as it becomes more and more difficult for businesses to capture everyone’s attention.


Every so often it will be my turn to share some thoughts with all of you. My goal is to deliver interesting, relevant, and insightful content about branding and design. I also want to share some thoughts about embracing your brand, standing out among those in your industry, or attracting new clients with a fresh, interesting look that fits your company’s style.

As my journey with this new team begins it is my hope that our paths cross somewhere along the way. I enjoy meeting new people, developing great relationships with clients and discussing the different ways to help their business take things to the next level.

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can read my bio on the KE team page (coming soon) – or, feel free to stop by our office – you’ll probably find me in the massage chair or rocking out to some alt or indie rock, getting lost in the creation of a logo or assembling some custom graphics for your social media or web page.


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