A Little About the Newbie at KE

A Little About the Newbie at KE

Hello readers! I’m Corrie, one of the newest members of KE. I started off as a video production intern last summer and then was hired on part-time as a video editor, while I finish up my degree at UNO in Creative Media.  I guess my team likes me! It’s great to have a job that is already lined up for me after I finish up my degree at UNO.

I was involved in some pretty awesome shoots as an intern.  I was recruited by my team to dress up as the mascot for Big Red Keno and was an elephant for a day.  You can check out the video we did for them at the Big Red Keno location.

As far as the work I do, some of the videos I edit include a lot of testimonials, our internal videos, and two of the main clients I do work for are Slingin’ Dirt TV and United Distributors. I also work as a social media assistant and post social content on Facebook and Twitter for one of our clients.  I really enjoy doing social media work and I hope to get more social clients to work with in the future.

I have learned so much about digital marketing working here and we do have the BEST clients.  I love learning things about our clients and their business.  I know a lot about dirt racing and how important clean water is after working and meeting with a couple of our two main businesses.  

We also have a really great team here and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our company is small and it’s nice that we all get along so well and work great together. We all have fresh and different ideas that we can bring to the table to propose to our clients.

Something I’m really excited about for our company is the new Matterport that we are offering as a service for some of our clients.  Matterport is like nothing else I have seen before.  It offers a virtual tour of a business and the quality is top notch.  We recently did a tour for the Pinnacle Fitness Center, Joe’s Karting, and Kountz Church.

It works really great for big spaces, and is awesome for events where people can go and check out a space online without having to physically go there.  I hope having this service to offer to clients will make us stand out from other companies like us!

You can view some examples of the Matterport service on our web site, check it out:


It’s a new year and I’m hoping to learn more about different aspects of our company as I am still learning new things every day. We have a lot of clients we are going to go after this year, so I am ready to make it a great year and see our company grow even more.

Corrie Castro
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