3 Local Brands Killing it on Instagram

3 Local Brands Killing it on Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one of the top social media outlets in the marketing sphere. From a marketing perspective, when Instagram first hit the scene, we didn’t really bother. Not because it hasn’t always been a pretty rad social tool, but because the demographic simply wasn’t there. It was mainly a bunch of super young kids with no money…not really a great market.

Since its inception, Instagram has continued to make an effort to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new tools, features and innovations they know their users will appreciate. That’s how Instagram recently made a leapfrog over Twitter with 400 million monthly active users.

Brands like Airbnb, Red Bull, and Sephora have been showing us how it’s done, with fantastic branding, compelling content and (the obvious) great images. But we don’t all have a gaggle of models at our dispense, an army of drones, or an around-the-world-twice travel budget. Small businesses have to get creative if they want to stand out in the rising crowd on Instagram. Check out how these three Omaha brands are doing just that.

The Beansmith -@BeansmithCoffeeRoasters

Relatively new to the downtown scene, The Beansmith has no lack of coffee house competition in the Old Market. You can have the best location, products and services, but if you don’t give people a reason to step in your front door, that’s all for naught. Their simple, clean pictures do a great job of showcasing their hip location and beautiful drinks, piquing the interest of even the most dedicated of coffee housers. Their images denote a sense of quality and pride in their trade.

Hello Holiday @HelloHolidayOmaha

When your Instagram account makes makes people want to be cooler, you’re on to something. Their brand kind of kicks you in your shin and then sweetly smiles at you. They do an amazing job of showcasing the brand without being salesy. They have a signature color palette without being matchy, matchy. They have a strong voice, without being offensive. Whether this account has a strategy behind it or not, it’s pretty fabulous.


Omaha Public Library  @OmahaLibrary

The unexpected, unsung hero of local social media, the Omaha Public Library! Seriously, who woulda guessed? Don’t let the logo fool you, their account is inspiring, creative and downright whimsical. Hey folks, I don’t know if you got the message, but the library is officially cool. They thoughtfully create mini scenes around a book that make you want to throw your audio book across the room (which, don’t do that ‘cause it’s your phone and those are expensive) and head to the library for a good ol’ fashioned read.


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