Review: A Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Creative Folks

Review: A Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Creative Folks

I read a great blog on Copyblogger, by Rafal Tomal, about marketing strategies for creative people,  and like many people in the industry, as the article explains, a lot of creative designers create an awesome portfolio and hope readers will go and look and leave feedback.  Many people think you have to be great writers to have a blog, but that is not the case.  Each person’s own style of writing makes for unique blogs.  It’s important to obviously pay attention things like proper grammar, and choosing appropriate words that make your story sound clear, but you don’t have to be a great writer.

According to the article, project case studies and tutorials are the top and most effective content you can write on a blog.  If you have a specific skill set and know how to teach someone how to do that skill, as long as your communication value is strong; then writing a blog about it should be fairly simple.  

Tomal says, “Project case studies are also helpful for your potential customers. They can look behind the curtain and see how professional you are and what it’s like to work with you.”

People love reading about “How-To’s” especially when they are trying to learn a specific skill set, so writing about it should bring a lot of traffic to your web site.  Images, videos, illustrations are also some of the best sources for content.  Creating your own images will make you stand out from others who use generic stock photos.

So now that we have that covered, these are Tomal’s eleven essential blog post ingredients to make your blog successful:

  1. Craft a magnetic headline.
  2. Open with a bang.
  3. Use persuasive words.
  4. Write damn good sentences.
  5. Insert killer bullet points.
  6. Create exquisite subheads.
  7. Tell a seductive story.
  8. Keep attention with internal cliffhangers.
  9. Choose an arresting image.
  10. Close with style.
  11. Be authentic.

Pretty simple, right?  So get out there, and get bloggin’!


Corrie Castro
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