What Web Design Trends to Expect in 2016

What Web Design Trends to Expect in 2016

Design trends span over several years,sometimes even decades and yet, they are always changing. Within the last couple of years, we have seen responsive design, flat design, performance and speed all emerge but we’re still working on those so what’s to come for the year 2016?


Let’s start with the navigation. Although navigation and menus have been around since I can remember, we still can’t seem to get it right. We do things like experiment with placement, hide it behind the hamburger icon (or navicon), or just put it where everyone expects  because well, that’s what people expect. I still don’t think there is a clear answer of how we should display the navigation and I expect we will see more experimentation of that this year, so keep an eye out!


You may have noticed or even heard of the endless scroll! I don’t anticipate this will stick around for much longer. Viewers want to see  information immediately when going to a site, they don’t want to scroll to the bottom to find what they’re looking for. So why not keep everything above the fold? This is becoming a more popular trend and I expect to see this more and more going through the year. So let’s give a big thanks to mobile devices for this new and upcoming trend.


Flat design has been popular lately and what can I say, I like it! But why flat design? Flat design can be viewed more effectively on web devices as well as faster load times. Along with flat design comes the sans-serif fonts which are also easier to read on mobile devices. Notice a trend going on here?….Yes, you’re correct it’s all thanks to mobile devices.


Animation will be hot. As websites are flattening out and start to look more and more alike, one way to  differentiate your site from the next is to use animation. For example, remember the boring circle indicating  loading? Well now you can use just about anything to animate a loading sign, like your company logo! Simple and subtle animation goes a long way as long as it is not overused. Animation can help tell a story and that is what your website should do. Animation is fun, so expect to see more of it this year.

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