How Social Media and Culture Beat Can Cure Your Abandonment Issues

How Social Media and Culture Beat Can Cure Your Abandonment Issues

There will always be a place for traditional brick and mortar stores. That being said, ecommerce is booming. The latest evolution in online retail has been one-click purchasing power through participating social media outlets. Sure, you could always be directed back to an online store via these mediums, but now (or at least soon) you will be able to shop without leaving the social media platform you’re on. No redirecting; one-click and you’ve made a purchase. You may be thinking, What’s the big deal? Why does that matter? Well…

Slow loading pages are why 47% of consumers walk away.

Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of any online retailer’s existence. Baymard Institute reports the current online shopping cart abandonment rate is just under 70%. That is huge! Naturally, we have to study consumer behaviors to find out why, oh why they are leaving their carts full of goodies.

It turns out, the number one reason for online shopping cart abandonment is slow page load times. Now do you see why eliminating the redirection process is so important? Customers be like, I know what I want and I want it now.

We know what you’re thinking, Whatever this mean, I need it. We got you. The following are the most popular social media outlets that you can either currently sell directly from, or you will soon be able to.


Per usual, Nike is way ahead of the rest of us with shoppable looks on Instagram. See that great picture with the beautiful, fit woman tackling a flight of subway stairs? When you click on the image, every piece of her outfit has a “Buy Now” button. There are so many layers to Instagram as a marketing tool! Check out the Nike Instagram Shop here.

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