Facebook for Small Business 101

Facebook for Small Business 101

As a small business owner, we’re sure you can appreciate that it’s okay to start small! That’s what this is; a guide to starting small on Facebook and making the most of the time you invest in this particular social media platform. With over 1.65 billion worldwide users, you can be sure your audience is on Facebook, it’s free, and with these tools and tips, it’s a really simple, yet effective marketing tool. Let’s get started…

Brand It Up, Consistently

Be sure to showcase your brand consistently across all of your outlets, which include your website, other social media profiles, newsletters, and signage. A consistent brand is a recognizable brand! Stick with the same logo, pictures and color palettes.

Pro Hack: Use Canva.com to create images with the correct dimensions for each outlet.

Identify and Target Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach? As a marketing firm, we hear a lot of, “everyone”. When everyone is your audience, no one is. We instruct people to come up with three categories to define their audience. These can be age, sex, profession, location, interests…and the list goes on. You have to figure out who they are before you can go after them.

Create a Content Pipeline

Do a little digging. Find places, topics and online hotspots for content relevant to your audience. Create a database you can turn to when the ol’ creative well runs dry. We suggest using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, so you can schedule your content ahead of time, but still post on the fly to ensure timely and relevant content, consistently.

Offer a Good Mix

Keep in mind that no one signs up to follow any social media account just to be sold to. They want to engage, be entertained, and collect information relevant to them. We realize you’re in business to make money, but that’s not what social media marketing is for. SoMe marketing is to raise awareness, connect with your audience, and showcase your brand experience. The industry standard to shoot for here is 20% sales and 80% education and entertainment.

Share Your Social Links

Now that you’ve carved out your Facebook space, share it with the world! Add social icons/links to…well everything; business cards, your website, newsletters and signage. Ask your friends and employees to like and share your page. It is also best practice to like other local Facebook pages and do some online networking to create a following.


Not sure how to invite your friends, or get WiFi for Facebook, or know what a Facebook Bluetooth Beacon is, or how to find your analytics? It’s okay, remember, we’re starting small. Add on to your online presence a little bit at a time, and if you’re not sure how to do something, Google That Stuff.

Be Consistent

And finally, consistency is probably the most important part of all of this. It’s a free, effective marketing tool, all you have to do is take advantage of it by investing as little as 1-2 hours each week. When you consider the average consumer spends about 40 minutes on Facebook each day, that really isn’t too bad.

Facebook can be a really powerful marketing tool for your small business. Consider how often you engage with businesses on Facebook. Behind each of those profiles, is a business owner like yourself, putting in the time and seeking out information. Join them!

Courtney McGann
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