Tips & Tricks in Premiere Pro

Tips & Tricks in Premiere Pro

timelineAs a video editor, it’s important to stay on top of new tips and tricks to make your life a little bit easier. Video editing is tough work!  I’ve been video editing in the professional world for a year and I still find myself learning something new through all of my editing processes.  Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing program has many awesome and helpful features.  What I like the best about the program is that you can modify your workspace any way you want by moving around the windows to create a comfortable workspace!  You can also remove windows you don’t want in your workspace, too, that you may not find yourself using.

Helpful Features & Effects

One feature I really like in Premiere Pro is the marker tool.  They have updated it so you can have multiple markers in one spot and attach notes to certain markers making it super helpful if you’re editing a long video.

The warp stabilizer effect is another effect that saves my life when I have unstable camera movement.  Although, it doesn’t always work in every instance, it’s a great effect to use when it can work for those shaky spots in your shots.

Short Cut Keys = Timesavers!

Using shortcut keys are SO IMPORTANT when editing.  I don’t know if I can stress that enough. I think it’s impossible to know them all, but using them have helped me immensely in the editing process.  I’ve thought about printing out a Premiere Pro shortcut list and hanging it up by my desk so I can use it as a reference.  Maybe one day, I’ll know them all!




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