Marketing: A Form Of Continuing Education

Marketing: A Form Of Continuing Education

It’s funny, when I decided to take marketing classes in college, there was a common theme in all of them. They all made it extraordinarily clear that if you went into marketing, you would never stop learning.

Let me tell you, they weren’t kidding.

Since marketing is an ever-evolving field, marketers are always on their toes. We’re always adapting to the next big thing to be able to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Not only are we always learning new and better ways to market our clients’ businesses, but we’re constantly learning new things about our clients’ respective fields. See, marketing is a tricky profession; you not only have to be a whiz at marketing, but you also have to have an in-depth understanding of each of your clients’ industries.

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Here at KE we have a pretty diverse group of clients. We are immersed in the fields of telecommunication, real estate, plumbing, healthcare, banking, and nonprofits – just to name a few.

You may be asking yourself how we manage to keep up-to-date on so many different industries at once. Well, we’ll tell you – our process isn’t a secret.

Say you’re a business owner looking to outsource some of your digital marketing to us. You can expect our process to rely on two main components: independent research and a strategy meeting. Typically, we complete our industry research prior to meeting up with a new client (hey, that’s you!) for a strategy meeting. We’ll read up on industry publications, check to see what competitors are up to, and really gather a feel for your existing online presence.

Next comes the strategy session. This session is an in-depth conversation. We discuss who you are, your mission, target audience, objectives, competitors, partners, and so much more. And we don’t just ask questions, we will define an online voice for you and compile an extensive list of industry keywords to use in your content. What we’re really looking to accomplish is to see the industry through your eyes, while still offering an outside perspective.

As a result of this process and many hours of content creation, I’ve learned so many things. I’ve even been able to put a fair amount of this knowledge to work in my personal life!

For example, I recently purchased a home and because of my clients, I knew exactly what to expect. I write blogs for a mortgage lender who takes the time to truly explain everything to me. We’ve covered it all, from the different types of loans to the home buying process as a whole. Because of him and my industry research over the past year, I had a better understanding of what the home buying process looks like as a whole, and have yet to encounter a surprise.

I also have been writing blogs for a local plumber for quite some time. Since I had written a blog on what to look out for plumbing-wise when purchasing a home, I knew it would be a good investment to have the main sewer line inspected. Sure enough, there were a substantial amount of tree roots infiltrating the line.

And to think, those are just my own experiences. I can’t imagine how diverse our knowledge as a team is. Here’s an idea: next time you’re talking to one of us here at KE, ask us what the most interesting thing we’ve learned while working here is. I’m sure the answer will surprise you.

We love learning new things and would love to learn all about your business! If our process sounds like what you’re looking for in a marketing team, drop us a line.

Katie Breight
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