Boost Productivity With Tips From the Tiny House Movement

Boost Productivity With Tips From the Tiny House Movement

The tiny house movement has become an international phenomenon since 2002, when the first tiny house company was founded. Today, TV shows abound with information about how to “go tiny” for a more simplistic life. But what can this movement teach us about having a more productive workspace and workflow? Does a tiny workspace make you more productive? Well, it’s not as much about size as it is functionality. Below we will take some tips from the tiny house movement on how to do more with less.

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Know when it’s ok to unplug

Many tiny houses aren’t wired for the Internet because of their location, or because they are moving all the time. Turning off the Internet can be a handy tool for anyone who is easily distracted either by emails or social media. If you have a task that doesn’t require the Internet, shut it off for awhile. This will give you both incentive (the faster you complete the task, the faster you get that sweet Internet juice flowing again) and clarity of thought while you work without distraction.

Getting away from your computer is important, too. Tiny house enthusiasts may argue that their living room is larger than yours, and that’s because they live mostly outside. Schedule time every few hours to stand up, walk outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Taking breaks makes you think more clearly and makes you more productive, even if you feel like you’re too busy to break. If you are such an intense worker that you could forget to take your breaks, start setting alarms on your smartphone or computer to remind yourself.



Do you really need that chair?

Standing at work can boost your individual productivity by 46%! Click To Tweet

People living in a tiny house may still need a place to work, and standing work areas are gaining popularity because of their benefits for posture, calorie burning and alertness. When paring down your workspace to help yourself focus, think about how attached you really are to your office chair. Would you really miss it after awhile if it were gone or could it maybe benefit you in some way? One study says standing at work can boost your individual productivity by 46%!

Use task apps and digitizers

So, you don’t need a chair. You don’t need constant Internet access… Do you even need that pen and pad of paper you are constantly making lists on? Maybe not! Keep paring down your work life by using checklist apps like ToDoist, a program and app that makes to-do lists for you in your personal, work and shopping life. It’s easy to use, very organized and can be accessed wherever you are! Here are some other great apps to boost your productivity.

To keep out clutter and stay organized, download a scanner app onto your phone. This way you can scan every document you might need and send the paper straight into the recycle bin. No drawers full of old papers, no jars of pens, no stacks of full notebooks. You might never need a desk drawer again!

Always be learning!

Tiny house enthusiasts are always learning about the newest ways to do more with less; there are hundreds of websites and blogs with the newest trends, hacks and insights on how to save more water, electricity and space when living off the grid. Similarly, for your workspace and productivity, always keep up with the newest in workflow tips and helpful new apps and websites that will help you work faster and smarter.
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