Nutritious Tips for a Balanced Social Media Marketing Plan

Nutritious Tips for a Balanced Social Media Marketing Plan

Eating a balanced diet is integral to your overall health. Consuming the nutrients you need supplies your body with the energy it needs to function and helps to avoid that 3 o’clock slump so many of us experience. Getting the right amount of nutrients is also important for your growth and development, especially in your younger years.

Here at KE, we believe social media content should be similar to a balanced diet. Supplying your audience with a balanced social media diet, so to speak, helps keep them engaged and, in turn, benefits your company’s growth and development.

Watch your portion sizes.

For your health’s sake, you don’t want to overeat just one type of food (a serving of chips is the whole bag, right?), just like you don’t want to overload your audience with the same message. Doing so gets repetitive and mundane, two feelings that won’t motivate your audience to engage with your content.

Heck, if it’s anything like trying to eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting, they may not even be able to look your way for a few weeks. Social Media Tip #1: Don't overload your audience with the same message. Click To Tweet

Instead, we recommend you vary the types of content you post, just like you would vary your food intake. Let’s say self-promotional posts are like vegetables. You eat your recommended 4-7 veggies a day and any more than that is just too much.

But what if you’re still hungry after eating your allotted vegetables for the day? Simply reach for a piece of fruit, or in social media terms, craft a relevant, humorous post. By varying your message, you’re keeping your audience satiated while maintaining a balanced social media marketing plan.

Minimize the junk.

Your mother has told you. Your doctor has told you. Now we’re telling you. You need to limit the amount of junk. Just like junk food is only okay in small portions, junk social media posts should rarely be utilized.

So, what is a junk social media post? Really, it’s anything you don’t think your audience will be truly interested in. If you find yourself sharing a post just to fill a slot on your social media schedule – don’t. In this case, quality definitely outweighs quantity. Social Media Tip #2: Never post something just to fill a slot on your schedule. Click To Tweet

And remember, fresh is always better than frozen. Try to only share fresh, new information with your audience, instead of pulling content out of the freezer. While it may not be spoiled, it can’t even begin to compare to fresh content.

Too much of a good thing is still too much.

A huge aspect of a balanced diet that many forget is that the overall amount of calories you’re consuming counts, even if everything you’re eating is healthy. In the same vein, sharing too many posts, no matter how relevant they may be, is never a good thing.

Think of your own personal social media presence. Do you have one friend that always seems to be posting? We’re guessing that after seeing so many updates, you’ve gotten a little sick of hearing from them.

The same goes for your company’s social media accounts. Even if all of your posts are relevant, too much of a good thing is still bad. Social Media Tip #3: Don't overshare - always leave your audience wanting more. Click To Tweet

As you can see, balanced social media marketing and good nutrition go hand in hand. Implement the tips above to see if they have an effect on your social media marketing. If you’re still struggling, feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to help you maximize your social media marketing efforts!

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