Our goal is to grow your business or nonprofit, by sharing your story with the world. We believe everyone has a unique tale to tell and when we connect the customer with the true essence of your business or nonprofit, we can create a culture that supports brand loyalty in everyone who comes in contact with your online storefront and social media channels. To make an impact you have to meet people where they are, and everyone is online. We believe the new media space (online, digital, and social) offers you the best ROI when compared to traditional advertising (print, television, and radio). It allows you to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and helps get your message out to a virtually infinite amount of people with very little ad dollars spent. Your image is everything when someone is comparing potential businesses online. If the other guys’ Facebook has more likes, or their website has better video/photography, or maybe their twitter page is full of positive feedback and customer engagement, you stand to lose out. Let us provide you with a detailed assessment of your social media and web presence, we can create a plan that will get you noticed and keep people coming back. Then we can generate the content that will really show people who you are, with the same high quality HD video and professional photography the large agencies offer, but at a logical price.

Let us tell your story to the world; it’s what we do.


James brings many years of operations, sales, and financial operations experience to the team after service in various positions in the corporate world, which is what brought him to the state, serving as the director for the state for a fortune 500 company. In late 2008 James ventured into small business for the first time and served in an operations role where he was able to put to use his corporate experience into small business. In March of 2010 with the sale of the small business he was with, James decided to start J&W Solutions, now known as Expense Reducer – Operations Consulting, where he assists small business and non-profits operate better. James manages all of the online ads, helps with social planning and marketing strategy, as well as website development.

James Duran

Managing Partner

Originally from North Dakota, Courtney grew up in Omaha and got her degree in General Studies from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She got her first experiences in marketing, social media management, content creation and event planning with Travel Blog Exchange. Courtney then moved on to Omaha-based marketing firm, Red Branch Media, as the Content Team Director. Her other interests include cross stitching inappropriate phrases, thrift store shopping, bike riding and telling people about how she collected records before it was cool.

Courtney McGann

Social Media Manager

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska Ashley grew up in Missouri and relocated to Omaha in 2009 to study web design at Metropolitan Community College. As a recent graduate she aspires all things web and typography and plans to continue her education in a wide range of areas including web development, mobile app design and motion graphics. Ashley started out as a freelance web designer and landed her first web design job right here at KreativElement. You can usually find Ashley spending time outdoors riding her four-wheeler or camping along side a warm fire. She also enjoys spending time with her dog chez who often imitates a small lion.

Ashley Doherty

Web & Social Specialist

James, or as some call him, #2, was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. A die-hard Husker fan, James was surrounded by sports and played basketball and soccer. Growing up, he was always intrigued with movies and cinematography. Making war or super-hero movies with a fake camera, it was always his passion to get the coolest shot imaginable. James began his career in radio then transitioned to sports media where he found his niche in sports videography. Now he thrives on creating a variety of video – from vlogs to commercials. Ever since, he has grown to love the world of video and telling a story through image. Family is what he loves the most as he continues to advance and push his skills to the limits hoping to make them proud. GBR!!

James Palmer

Videographer and Editor

Nebraska born and raised, Tasha helps businesses and nonprofits build their online presence by customizing websites to fit their needs. She's currently studying graphic design in Florida. Tasha also enjoys adventures, art, playing the ukulele, and coffee.

Tasha Double

Web Assistant

Wendy was born in North Dakota, grew up in Montana and Oklahoma, and was transplanted via her husband’s job to Omaha, Nebraska in 2007. Wendy believes that excellent customer service and satisfaction should be the priority for businesses. Using that motto, she assists clients with social media planning, engagement, and implementation. When not working in the online world, she homeschools her children and manages a small acreage with her husband, kids, chickens, and dog. She loves to shop garage sales and thrift stores in order to repurpose items in her spare time.

Wendy Duran

Social Assistant

Originally from California, Corrie grew up in Omaha and just recently graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a degree in Creative Media. Initially interested in pursuing a career in radio, Corrie found her passion for TV production in college and is starting her journey in video production and editing. Her most treasured pastimes include movies, football, comedy, Mexican food, 90's jams, and Kristen Wiig. You can usually find spending time with her friends or watching Netflix. Corrie is also known for making awkward faces, using inappropriate sarcasm, and being really tall.

Corrie Castro

Video Editor/Social Media

Hailing from central Nebraska, Katie moved to Omaha to attend Creighton University where she graduated with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and minor in Social Entrepreneurship. She did, however, take several marketing courses in college and ended up doing marketing for two different Omaha startups just months after graduating. When she isn't wowing people with her marketing capabilities, you can usually finds Katie eating copious amounts of food, at the gym, watching Netflix (can you watch the Parks and Recreation series too many times?) or spending time at home with her beloved dog and cat, Charlie and Kitten, respectively.

Katie Breight

Marketing Specialist

Earlier in life James studied to be a minister, so we brought him in to help tell our story. James has lived in the south, the UK, the Windy City, and now Omaha. James is also our cleaner; we don’t mean that in the janitorial sense (though he will proudly tell you that he took out the trash once), but in the “Pulp Fiction” sense: James helps us tie up all the loose ends.

James Dalton

Social Media & Copy Writing

Dylan is an Omaha native who’s spent time living in Chicago and Rome. He holds a BA in English from Loyola University Chicago. When not producing content for SMC, you can find him in the trees and bunkers of local golf courses or making art on his dining room table.

Dylan Thaemert

Copy and Content Manager

Originally from Omaha, Jill spent nearly half of her life in Texas before returning home in the Fall of 2016. She got bit by the creative bug while living in Austin, where she soaked up all the printing processes’ she could by staying active in the local art scene. When she’s not working or studying for her Graphic Design degree, she’s hunched over her desk at home creating collage art or digging through racks at the thrift store. Jill’s also an avid lover of the desert, warm temps, 90s Country & RnB (music).

Jill Becker

Office and Project Manager