Design and Branding



At KreativElement we are dedicated to the full process of creating and telling your story in the most efficient and effective way possible. Great content is an important piece of that process, however, it is only part of the equation. Rich and relevant words on a page are just that – words on a page. In today’s busy world a compelling design not only attracts your audience, it allows them to “see” what you are saying as well. Design components are no longer a “nice to have” – they are a must – and without them, your audience gets distracted and your story goes unnoticed and untold.



Strong consideration about your visual identity is and how people perceive it is more important now than ever. Think about it: the way your logo looks on your business card, storefront or online may elevate perceptions about who you are or what you do. Don’t forget about profile pics and cover photos on social media pages or images you post in your newsfeed. Now, more than ever, the way you “look” online may determine the number of people who actually hear what you have to say or see what you offer. It all seems simple and maybe unimportant but distractions are numerous and first impressions matter. Our goal is to make sure you and your message always look the best they can.



We believe great design is the effective organization of thoughts, ideas, concepts and careful execution. It’s all about the details. When the parts and pieces of a successful collaborative brainstorming session are assembled correctly, your brand, your marketing, and your message all come alive. KreativElement transforms original thoughts, rough concepts and great ideas into cohesive, consistent and memorable messages that both show and tell your story the way you want to share it.




Your brand is a very important part of telling your story — it helps build the overall experience your customers have when using or considering your product or service. The construction of a brand takes a lot of time, thought and careful consideration. Creating a brand is ultimately the personification of your company.



When KreativElement develops a new brand or takes your company through a rebrand we ask you to think about who your company is, what it does – and most importantly – how people feel when they experience what you make or do.



Many think branding is as simple as getting a new logo or writing a catchy tagline, however, a company’s visual or textual components are just the beginning. Branding is the merging of several things all at once, starting with the concrete phrases and static images used to help convey the abstract emotions that one feels when interacting with your company.



Defining and delivering an effective brand experience is an evolving process that changes over time. Products and services come and go and as your company matures, and so does your brand.



KreativElement can help you build a new brand or help you enhance your current brand. It is a very individualized and strategic process that involves comprehensive planning, ideation, delivery and sometimes a little training so you and your staff understand who your company is and how to discuss it with others. Telling your story will get customers in the door – but an unforgettable brand experience will make them purchase what you have to offer and keep them coming back for more.



Let us know how we can help you better develop your brand, assist you with market positioning, or craft a better message or visual presence to truly convey who you are. We can also help develop and uphold consistent branding for you by creating guides and implementing ways to better manage your brand both inside and outside of your company.