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The Benefits Of Social Media For Business

Through discussions with many potential clients, I’ve realized that most are interested in using their social media presence to drive sales or, more specifically, getting the phone to ring. And that’s great, it really is. Social media can be a wonderful tool to help drive sales, but it can...

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Consistent Branding: As Seen On TV

Consistent is one of the best things your brand can be. We know, we know, that sounds kind of boring. There are so many other adjectives brands want to be, like innovative, fun, and trustworthy. But before your brand can be any of those things, consistent branding is a...

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6 Ways to Make Pokémon GO Work for Your Omaha Business

Over the past few weeks Omaha has changed. You might have seen people wandering around, staring straight through their phones as they walk, stopping randomly along the street, jumping for joy and moving along. Whether or not you’ve noticed, Omaha is overrun with Pokemon. Within the day Pokemon GO...

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