3 Ways To WOW Your Audience on Instagram

3 Ways To WOW Your Audience on Instagram

Instagram has become such a huge proponent in brand growth and visibility. In a pool of fish how do you become less, fishy? We have three ways your content will outshine the competitors.


Psychologically we as humans are drawn to motion/movement. What better way to attract your audience than visually stimulating content revolving around your brand? Combining cinema and photograph you have, you guessed it… a cinemagraph.

A still image that has an element of movement that keeps your consumer glued, puzzled, and wowed. So many emotions within so little time. You’ve won over your consumer even more.  

Multi Frame Composition

Instagram feeds are set in a grid format and what better way to take advantage of that, then to embrace the design.

What this allows you to do is stretch content far beyond a single post as well as gives you an allowance of time while building a masterpiece that your consumers can’t help but marvel at.


Gallery Aesthetic

A level of consistency, as well as aesthetic, will bring a level of inclusion to your feed. When you see something so often you become a part of it and believe in it. The brand has taken on the challenge and embraced remaining consistent visually when it comes to delivering content.

This level of cohesion can be done via color grade and subject usage. Editing, placement, and creativity are huge here but if achieved will be more than beneficial to your brand development.



Now that you have three new ways to spruce up your Instagram, go enjoy the new engagement from your target audience as you will become the new big fish!  

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