7 Sales and Marketing Podcasts You’ll Love

sales and marketing podcasts

7 Sales and Marketing Podcasts You’ll Love

Here at Ke, we love many things. Chief among them are stories and learning…and in some cases The Golden Girls (we contain multitudes). Unsurprisingly, a few of us subscribe to podcasts like they’re going out of style. Since we also love growing and filling the sales funnel, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite sales and marketing podcasts with you. So get your podcatcher app (I’m an Overcast fan) ready, and enjoy!

Podcasts with a Larger View

We’ll start with two podcasts that aren’t about marketing or sales per se but instead focus on the groundwork for both. First, Seth Godin’s Startup School drills down into building a solid foundation for business success. Those of you who know Seth Godin can rightfully assume that everything is framed from a marketer’s perspective, with your story and the customer’s trust squarely in focus. Seth covers how to decide what to sell (aka “what you do best”), who will buy it, and why. And crucially, he discusses with insight and passion how to make sales sustainable.

Second, we recommend you subscribe to Hubspot’s The Growth Show. Where Godin focuses on the principles that spur growth, The Growth Show highlights specific stories of growth. Each week, business leaders share how their organizations overcame the odds to succeed and what it taught them about growth.

Marketing Podcasts

If you only have time for one marketing podcast, make it Marketing Over Coffee. Every week (give or take), marketing experts John Wall and Christopher Penn bring their know-how to bear on a new aspect of the industry we love. Topics range from marketing strategy and business/industry trends to marketing tech and analytics. Marketing Over Coffee is a breezy 20 minutes chock-full of tips & tricks to take your marketing to the next level. Fun fact: every episode is really recorded in a coffee shop!

You’ve heard us say it before: marketing is all about storytelling. But any marketer worth their salt knows there’s a second side to that coin: the story told by data. Telling your own story helps the customer to understand the value you offer them. In turn, data derived from customer responses tells you what the customer wants and how they want to get it. If you’re ready to start telling better stories with data, The Present Beyond Measure is an invaluable resource.

Sales Podcasts

Once your marketing campaign has turned up a qualified lead, it’s time to convert them into a customer. However, this crucial step is often the most difficult part of the funnel. Enter Get in the Door. Every week, host Steve Kloyda offers actionable advice that will help you turn leads into prospects and customers.

The Advanced Selling Podcast is filled to the brim with psychological insight and practical advice for the high-performing salesperson. It’s also a lot of fun. If you sell B2B, hosts and uber-experienced sales trainers Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey might be your new best friends.

If don’t make sales calls yourself but manage people who do, check out The Funnel. It’s laser-focused on training, managing, and enabling your sales team to be the best they can be. Whether you work for a large company with a sales force that could fill a small stadium or you own a small business with a single salesperson, The Funnel will show you how to give your team everything they need to close deals.

We think any professional with marketing or sales responsibilities will learn a lot from these 7 podcasts. Have you been listening to another show you think we should add to our list? Let us know on Twitter!

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