The Benefits Of Social Media For Business

The Benefits Of Social Media For Business

Through discussions with many potential clients, I’ve realized that most are interested in using their social media presence to drive sales or, more specifically, getting the phone to ring. And that’s great, it really is. Social media can be a wonderful tool to help drive sales, but it can be so much more than just a sales tool.

That’s what I’m going to show you today – the benefits of social media for business. And trust me, it goes well beyond getting that dang phone to ring. Businesses that utilize social media create something much more valuable than another measly sale; they create a community and a bond with their customers that keeps them coming back time and again.Social media is more than a sales tool. Click To Tweet

Create brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty

This one is easy because the more you put your business out there, the greater your brand awareness will be. Social media for business is an especially great tool for this. Of the 3 billion internet users worldwide, 2 billion are active on social media. Talk about a lot of people to introduce your business to!

Not only will you reach more people with social media, but you’ll strengthen your relationship with them. A recent study found that 53% of people that follow a brand on social media are loyal to that brand.

But don’t think you’ll gain this type of loyalty by only posting self-promotional content. No, social media is a two-way street that needs to provide value to the customer. Whether you provide regular laughs, insight into your industry, or feel good posts, give your audience content that resonates with them and, in turn, they’ll become fiercely loyal. Provide content that resonates with your audience to make them fiercely loyal to your brand. Click To Tweet

Gain customer insights

Many companies don’t think of their social media presence in this way but, if you think about it, social media sites allow you to get to know your customers better than any other form of advertising. Unlike traditional print advertising, you get to see their reactions to the content you’re putting out there.

And don’t stop there. With 4.5 billion Facebook likes, 5 million tweets, and 95 million posts to Instagram every day (crazy, right?), you have plenty of opportunities to study the things your audience is interested in and use those insights to drive your marketing strategies.

Provide top-notch customer service

Until recently, providing customer service on social media wasn’t a big deal. But then people realized they could go to a company’s Facebook page and get a much quicker response than calling the customer service number. 67% of consumers use social media for customer support. Click To Tweet

Nowadays, 67% of consumers use social media for customer support. They’re tweeting at and messaging brands expecting timely responses. And if that scares you, it shouldn’t. Providing top-notch service that is convenient for your customer is good for business, period.

See what I mean? Social media for business is so much more than getting that phone to ring. Since social media can be such a huge benefit to your business, it’s important to treat it that way. Just posting isn’t enough anymore. You need to have a plan and be consistent.

If that sounds like a little too much for your current team to handle, don’t fret! You can outsource your marketing to us. As we like to tell our clients, we’re part of your team but won’t drink all of your coffee. Check out the pricing for our social media packages today!

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