How to Stay in Your Customer’s Pocket

How to Stay in Your Customer’s Pocket

When it comes to your business’s marketing objectives, one of the highest priorities ought to be staying in your customer’s pocket. I mean that both literally and figuratively. Figuratively, you want to be the first name that enters your customer’s mind when your product or industry is mentioned. For example, if someone asks you about digital marketing in Omaha, I hope KreativElement is the first name that comes to mind.

Literally speaking though, most people’s smartphones never leave their side. If you can learn how to be a consistent presence in your customer’s digital life, you can be a lot more confident that you’ll be the first name that comes to mind when they are in need of your product or service. Here are 3 ways you can use digital tools to stay in your customer’s pocket and build brand loyalty in the process.

Social Media

Social media networks are becoming increasingly mobile. As more of the world’s internet traffic continues to come from mobile devices, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are putting more time and energy into making sure they have well-functioning mobile apps. From the doctor’s office to bars and restaurants, you almost can’t go anywhere in public without seeing someone browsing a social app on their mobile device.

The sheer frequency at which most people check these social apps means that you need a strategy that takes that into account. That means that you can’t post once a month and call it good. You need to post regularly and post valuable content that gives each individual customer a reason to follow up with you, a reason to check in and find out what you’re up to next.

Email Newsletter

Similarly to social media, many people now regularly check email on their phone. Because of the larger size of the typical device and the increased compatibility of email programs with mobile devices, most email newsletters are now just as readable on mobile as they are on desktop. Once you get customers to opt in, sending a monthly newsletter is a great way to stay in front of your customers on a regular basis.

Where social media feeds are public places, your newsletter can be a bit more personal, maybe give a bit more away. Because those who receive it actually opted in, they’re likely to feel a closer connection with your brand. This is a real opportunity to share information and offers that aren’t available elsewhere and help foster some brand loyalty in the process.


Video is a little different than social media or a newsletter in that it’s not a platform itself, but is appearing on more and more digital platforms these days. There’s a lot of information out there today about how watching video can help build brand loyalty. The fact is that, as a type of content, the combination of visuals, audio, and usually text, is much more memorable than one of those on their own.

So while we recommend utilizing video on all of your digital platforms, it’s important to keep in mind the reasons why. It will help communicate the human aspects of your brand and it will stick in the mind of your customer longer. Similarly to social media, mobile networks are also realizing how much video content people consume, and are working very hard to accommodate that. By 2020, video will account for 80% of all internet traffic. Click To Tweet

Today, staying in your customer’s pocket equates to creating brand loyalty. Beyond offering a tremendous product or service, executing a consistent digital marketing strategy is the swiftest way to create brand loyalty. If you don’t already have great branded videos, a monthly newsletter, and a consistent social media strategy, why not get in touch with us? We’ve had success working with businesses of all sizes and industries.