Cord-Cutters and How to Market to Them

Cord-Cutters and How to Market to Them

Regardless of where you get your news, you have most likely heard the term “cord-cutter.” If you’re a little fuzzy on what that means, it is essentially a person who has stopped using and paying for traditional cable in favor of newer, more flexible and affordable forms of entertainment. Think Netflix, Hulu, and a slew of other emerging content providers.

But here’s the thing: cord-cutters aren’t just a group of people who don’t want to pay for cable, they are a generation that is fundamentally changing the way media is consumed, and therefore the way marketing is consumed, as well. Here’s what you need to know about cord-cutters and how to market to them.

They like to be in control of their content.

This is why social media platforms are and will continue to be the most popular gathering places for the cord-cutting generation. Social media platforms are tailor-made to provide individual experiences for their users. One-size-fits-all experiences are exactly what traditional cable companies provide and as a marketer, you need to figure out how to provide your customers and prospects with experiences and content that is meant uniquely for them. Regularly posting a mix of curated and original content to social media is the most effective means of reaching this generation.

They don’t watch TV.

Okay, duh. But they do watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. But that doesn’t mean you have to advertise on those expensive platforms in order to connect with the cord-cutting generation. Simply being aware of the trends in these content providers as well as alternative media forms like Twitter and Instagram means you can connect more easily and naturally. Adapting popular memes to suit your purpose or referencing a current event are great ways to show your audience that you exist in the same world as them.

Authenticity matters.

This is such an important factor when it comes to understanding and marketing to the cord-cutting generation. Theirs is a world of choice. Rather than choosing the prescribed cookie-cutter experience of a cable subscription, they want to choose what rings true for them. It is impossible for your company to be all things to all people. You want to identify your target audience and know that your messaging will ring true for them. Don’t be tempted to stray too far outside your bubble of authenticity. You need a small but fiercely committed tribe of people to support your business and trumpet your cause.

For those of you trying to make sense of the new generation of cord-cutters and the changes in media and marketing that go along with it, I hope this blog has been helpful. In an age where authenticity and personalization matter, social media is an unparalleled tool for reaching audiences. If you would like help establishing or implementing a social media strategy, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help.