How to Craft Effective Facebook Ads for Your Real Estate Listings

How to Craft Effective Facebook Ads for Your Real Estate Listings

If you’re an independent real estate agent in Omaha or part of a real estate team you’ve probably quickly realized that in order to get your listings seen by your Facebook audience, you need to put a little spend behind them. Facebook ain’t no fool. They have monetized in such a way that puts significant barriers between businesses and consumers. In fact, paying for ads is simply part of the professional social media game but we never want that spend go to waste. Here are some tips that we’ve learned along the way in representing local real estate professionals on Facebook.

Your Facebook Ad Real Estate Listing Playbook:

The more photos the better! We would obviously suggest using high-resolution, professional real estate photography (and we just so happen to offer this service). Potential buyers might even pass up a home if they can’t get a good sense of the look and layout in their online research. Who has time?!

Don’t bury the lead. Get that target link up high within the post copy. Don’t make your home seekers click the “See More” link. Your link should stand out, front and center.

Make the phone ring. While we want to offer your audience a lot of information up front, you always want to keep them wanting more. Don’t disclose the exact address or price in your ad. If the house is in the area they’re looking and it has the right look, they’ll need to shoot you an email or give you a call to get more information. Boom, you got a showing!

Spend time on the copy. We know, you’re a real estate professional, not a writer. Too bad that’s no excuse. Nothing says, “I don’t pay attention to detail” like a blatant typo in an ad that your audience knows you put money behind. That is not a desirable trait in a real estate professional. Take your time, proof your copy, and study other listings that have caught your attention and emulate that wording.

Get some action with Calls to Action. In the marketing world we talk a lot about CTAs (Calls to Action). This is any request you make of your audience to take a specific action. “Learn More”, “Make an Appointment”, or in your case, “Book a Showing”. You should always include a clear CTA with any information that needs to accompany the CTA. For instance, don’t tell people to “Call Me!” and then make them search for your phone number in the info section. Give them everything they need to take the action you’re requesting of them.

Target your audience effectively. There are so many clever ways to target your audience based on the area, price range and type of listing you’re dealing with. The most effective though, is likely household income. If you’re listing a $300K+ home it’s common sense that you’ll need to target those with an annual household income around $125K and higher. You’ll also want to make sure to target by location, which you can do with multiple zip codes if you want to get real nitty gritty. And let’s leave the 16-24-year-olds out of this, shall we? Those are wasted dollars. However, don’t get too narrow, play around with it until you feel comfortable.

Choose a shorter ad duration. It’s been found time and again that shorter ads will yield a better return. Not to mention, now that you know how to create hella effective listing ads, your listing will probably get snagged up before your ad ends. We suggest five to seven days.

There you have it, our pearls of wisdom for your real estate listing ads on Facebook. Want to know more about the services we can offer to real estate professionals? We do it all when it comes to digital marketing: photography, videography, blogging, newsletters, social media management, drone photo and video, SEO, websites, design and more, if you can believe it. Check us out and let us know if you have any questions at

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