Why Every Business Should Invest In Video

Why Every Business Should Invest In Video

I almost titled this blog “why every business should invest in video marketing,” but stopped short because I realized something important. The truth is that today, every business activity you undertake is marketing. From the more obvious traditional marketing and advertising activities to the experiences customers have in your store or on your website, every interaction an individual has with your brand impacts their perception of you. And if influencing perception isn’t the goal of marketing, I’m not sure what is!

With that said, it’s clear that every touch point that people have with your brand is an important one. But in this mobile, digital age, some touch points are more important than others. Today, arguably the most important one is your online presence. And without at least a little bit of video content, your online presence is severely lacking. Let’s talk about why that is the case.


Maybe you’ve heard of these “smartphone” things? They’re kind of a big deal. In fact, earlier this year TechCrunch reported that Americans are now spending an average of 5 hours on their mobile devices every day. With people relying on these mobile devices not only for internet and social media, but also for utilities like GPS, alarm clocks, weather, and pretty much everything else imaginable, it’s clear that that little screen represents valuable real estate for businesses looking to market their product or service.

The other aspect of the mobile explosion is video. Research indicates that our average attention span has gone way down in the recent past, and many attribute that to the instant gratification of mobile culture. Currently, ⅓ of all online activity is spent watching a video, and that number is rising. If you want to get your message across and decrease the risk of losing your audience’s attention, a short and sweet video is the ideal way to do it.


That brings me to my next point. If you aren’t investing in video, you can be 100% sure that the majority of your competitors are. 87% of marketers today are utilizing video. That means that these businesses are posting videos to their website and social media that help communicate information about their product or service and also contribute to the brand’s identity. Simply put, video helps you stay in your customer’s mind and in their pocket.


You’ve probably heard the old adage that perception is the reality. Perhaps nowhere is that truer than in business. Think of any number of recent scandals and how the associated brands were impacted by the negative publicity. With video, it’s about using the technology to help create positive, authentic associations with your brand. There all kinds of ways to use video and that part is up to you. Whether you want to do a product demo, an interview that shows your expertise, or a video that shows off your company culture. It’s all about adding to the perception that your business is an expert and a leader in its industry. Without it, you’re lagging behind the competition and making it more difficult for interested people to find, and get to know your brand.

Want to talk more about video and how it can benefit your business specifically? Let’s find a time to talk. Videos are truly the best way to get and keep your audience’s attention on social media and your website and our blend of expertise and transparent pricing can’t be beat.

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