How To Focus On Skills That Will Make You Happy (In Life And In Your Career)

How To Focus On Skills That Will Make You Happy (In Life And In Your Career)

Do you find yourself having too many irons in the fire?  Are you good at photography, creating snappy online content, being organized to the point of being called OCD, etc?  How do you choose which of your skills to define yourself? Too many paths of focus can lead to stress and chaos.  Which of your many skills do you choose to enhance?  Here are a few tips to help you choose which of your many skills to hone.

Skills you learned as a child

Take a minute and think about your childhood. What did your teachers write on your report cards?  Johnny has the gift of gab. Susie is an excellent listener.  Henry takes time to think through problems.  These are all great skills that can be used in any situation. Excellent communication skills, listening, and problem solving are the character traits that set you up for success.  If you think back, those talking skills as a student may have been a hindrance in a school setting, but if you dream of being a small business owner, communication and listening skills help you to identify with your clients and find out how best to meet their needs.

Strength building skills

What skill makes you feel better after performing it?  When do you feel powerful, refreshed, and stirred within yourself?  If you are good at making schedules, creating and keeping deadlines, goal setting and meeting those goals, a team management position/project management position may be more up your alley. If you are good at organization, but cannot picture yourself playing the role of “administrative assistant”, don’t focus on this strength. Just because you are good at something, does not mean that you should focus on it if it doesn’t make you feel good.  You want to be happy using your skills, not making yourself miserable and everyone else around you.  Is there anyone that really loves filing?  

What do other people continue to say you’re good at?

You sure do keep this place looking good! You have a great eye for putting rooms together. You always know the right thing to say! Reflect on the compliments that people have given you. So many people are good at multiple things. If you find that you have many talents, write down the list of things that you are good at. Once this list is compiled, rate your skills.  Are you a grammar queen, but only mediocre when it comes to creating your own blog posts?  Do you love to read, craft, landscape, throw parties, etc? If you find that the skills you are best at are also things that you love to do, maybe it’s time to put those other less used skills on the backburner and focus on the top priorities.

Sometimes we think that we have to do it all.  We have the skills, Why not just do it?, is what we tell ourselves. Have you met any of those people? Are you one of those people? Find your strengths. Stop focusing on making the skills that you aren’t passionate about top on your list. If you are looking to be successful in work and life, start by choosing to increase your top skills.  Focus on what you do best.

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