How to Write a Killer Headline

How to Write a Killer Headline

If your brand is active online today, blogging regularly should be near the top of your marketing to-do list. Regularly publishing content provides a regular stream of value to your audience and makes you increasingly visible to the SEO gods. But even if youve written a brilliant post, it wont reach its maximum audience without a great headline.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your post has a catchy, clickable headline that maximizes your contents potential reach.

Dont sweat the title initially.

A great headline will come out of the post you write, so dont feel pressure to come up with a brilliant title before you even start writing the post. Quickly drum up a basic working title that clearly states what youre setting out to do, you can dress it up later.

Punch it up.

Take that initial title and make it a little fancier. Use wordplay like alliteration, simile, or metaphor to expand the readers ideas of what might be possible in the blog they are about to read. Using controversial (nothing too crazy) or colloquial language can be another way to catch your audience off guard and pique their interest.

Dont get too abstract.

Remember, youre writing a blog title. When youre dressing up your title to look and feel a little more exciting, try not to go overboard. Its not an academic paper and its not a novel or short story. Readers shouldnt have to get to the end of the post itself in order to understand what you meant by your title.

Be concise.

On that same note, dont get too wordy. Youre trying to impress your readers with how much value in the form of relevant information you can give them, not with how smart you are. If your title requires a colon and two independent sentences, its too long. Make it enticing enough to draw them in but not so long that reading it is tiresome.

Go for the SEO gold.

As I wrote about recently, blogging is one of the most valuable tools in the battle for SEO visibility. In addition to placing keywords throughout your blog copy, you should also include relevant keywords in your title. This helps get your post in the mix when someone searches for one or more of those terms.

So there you have it. Dont beat yourself over the head too much. When it comes to creating a great headline for your blog, short and sweet will get the job done better than wordy and abstract.