KE Takes Photo & Video to the Next Level

KE Takes Photo & Video to the Next Level

We are proud to be a full-service digital marketing agency. If your business needs it, we will do it. But, among all the services we offer, perhaps the most exciting things are happening in the photography and videography departments. These new technologies have the power to do exciting things for our clients.

While photo and video are without a doubt the most popular media these days, there are a variety of new technologies on the market that make the possibilities even more exciting from a marketing perspective. In this blog, I’ll discuss what new technologies we use, how they work, and why they are a great fit for real estate and other industries.


The first time I saw a Matterport virtual reality tour, I couldn’t believe how cool it was. Matterport is a 360° camera that is mounted on a tripod. By taking a series of 360° photos that are then stitched together online, you can create an incredibly detailed virtual tour of any space. You can also zoom out for a bird’s eye “dollhouse” view.

We have done virtual tours for all kinds of businesses, but the technology is tailor made for real estate. With more and more of the homebuying process happening online, a tool like this can enable prospective buyers to get a true feel for the space without having to physically be there. To see some of the Matterport tours we have done and get more information, click here.

Ricoh Theta

The Ricoh Theta is a fairly simple handheld camera that also takes 360° photo and video. Housed in a super convenient case that makes it resemble the Neuralyzer from Men in Black, this camera gives us the ability to put a new perspective on your product, service, space, or event. The small size of the camera means we can easily take it anywhere we need to go.

360° images have a big advantage, especially when posted to your social media accounts. Beyond the fact that it gives the viewer a wider view of whatever it depicts, it’s also interactive in a way that promotes more engagement. When people see that they are able to click and drag around an image, they are much more likely to do so than if it was a standard static image.

DJI Osmo

Our newest toy is the DJI Osmo. It is a handheld video camera with incredible stabilization. That means we can shoot video on the move without having to worry about the image appearing shaky. That also means that it can capture panoramas and long exposures easily, with no tripod required.

This camera is an amazing tool that really changes the game when it comes to shooting video on location. Whether we’re doing an interview or shooting from the sunroof of a moving car, this camera allows us to capture crystal clear video in 1080 or even 4K!

I really can’t emphasize enough how important photo and video are for marketing today, and how excited we are about these new tools. Visuals are what people associate with your brand, and increasingly, they are also how people interact with you online. If you would like to start utilizing these advanced tools for your business’s marketing, we would love to help. Get in touch with us here.