Keeping Organized

Keeping Organized

We’re all busy, right? Somedays are better than others but it’s easy to lose track. However, maintaining order and being disciplined in your habits will help you continue to stay organized. Here are a few tips that have saved me over the years:

Set Time to Organize

Block time off at the end of each day to organize yourself. This could include creating a to-do list of the items that you’re going to work on for the next day, going through your follow-up box, and clearing off items that may have built up in your office throughout the day.  Taking the time to do this will be crucial to that feeling of walking into the office the next business day with a clear, fresh start.

Clean Up the Clutter!

Cleaning up the clutter in your office will not only benefit you, but it will also give your boss, your coworkers, and any clients that may see your office a greater sense of trust in you. They will see they can come to you, leave something in your possession and know that it won’t get lost or forgotten about.  Also, whenever you come into your office each day, you won’t feel the anxiety and stress that comes from immediately seeing all this chaos and confusion.  You can start your day fresh and with a purpose in mind.

Email Organization

Set up a simple filing system to help manage your mail. You could use broad categories titled “Action Items,” “Waiting,” and “Follow Up.” If three categories sounds too simplistic for your needs, you can set up a more detailed system. For instance, you could create a folder for every project that you’re working on, by department or have a set folder for each of your clients. The advantage when you create specific folders for processing email is that it makes it easier to search for past mail: instead of searching your entire email system, you can simply search in that particular folder.

Maybe some of these organization tips seem like common sense, but after years of office experience, staying organized in the office and electronically can significantly boost your productivity.

Last Tip: Be CREATIVE in your organization: It’s just that simple!

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