KE’s new camera toy: The DJI Osmo

KE’s new camera toy: The DJI Osmo

Our new smooth and steady run and gun camera – the DJI Osmo.


We thought this would be a fun and unique filmmaking tool to have for real estate video tours. With one of our newer services we offer, Matterport, an add on we have for this service is a walk-through video tour of any home or large space.  For our video team, it’s a extra camera to have for an additional shot, and when you are lugging around other gear, it’s small enough to grab and bring with!  With this camera we are able to produce smooth and steady camera movements.

Other professional steadicam ensembles can be giant and expensive, but with this handheld camera – it’s light, portable, and it’s stabilized footage with the integrated gimbal make it very easy to use.


The metal-arm extension on the camera allows you to use any smartphone or tablet to view the video that you are capturing via the DJI Osmo app.  What I like the most about this camera is that in post-production, you don’t have to add to much stabilization or worry about your footage coming in shaky.  The trigger on the camera lets you focus in on one object allowing you to focus in on it while you move around it. says the only downfall is “It’s difficult for left-handed users to hold the Osmo…however – lefties will soon adjust to the right-handed layout.”

If you want to add a fun and different toy to add to your collection as a professional videographer, the DJI Osmo is worth looking into.  The only thing I would highly suggest when hooking your phone up to it, is making sure your device is fully charged!