Looking at it from a 360 degree angle.

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Looking at it from a 360 Degree Angle

Virtual Reality System

KreativElement has some really fun toys, but overall, this one is cool. Have you heard of our Virtual Reality System? The  Virtual Reality System is a camera that takes 360-degree pictures of a room. They are most commonly used is real estate for houses. Virtual Reality System gives home buyers the chance to explore a house from the comfort of their own home. The system allows you to experience the home as if you were walking around in it with a real estate agent. This camera is amazing and provides real estate agents a helpful marketing tool.

How the system works.

The Virtual Reality System is easy to set up. The only things needed are a tripod, iPad, and camera. To operate the camera you will not need extra lighting but you will want to make sure to have all the lights on in the house for the best quality scan. You won’t have to mess with complicated controls or any tricky software. To scan, it’s as easy as just pressing a button, seriously you just press a button on the iPad. The Virtual Reality System is one of the easiest systems to learn, you can become an expert in minutes. Depending on the square footage of the space, the whole process takes an average of about four hours to scan and upload. Once the scan is uploaded we get it back to our clients in about 12 hours.  

How does this help a realtor?

You may be wondering, “How is this going to help me sell a home?” Most home buyers have a lot on their plate. They want something that is going to be simple,easy, and not time-consuming. The Virtual Reality System gives us the option to share the scan with our clients for use on their website or listing. From there, home buyers can take five minutes to look at a house instead of the thirty minutes to one hour it would take to show a home. This also helps the realtor with selling a home and time management. Tim Kaup from WC Real Estate said it best…

“I would say people like ‘shopping from home’ and this gives them the controls to walk through a home and see if it’s something they want to take a closer look at. Both our buyers and sellers like it and it shows we go the extra mile to market their home.”

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KreativElement can create 360° images of all types of spaces.  Do you have a space you want to show off and put onto your website, share in a newsletter, or market? We would love to get you a quote. If you want to show off your awesome space don’t be afraid to get in touch with us today!

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