New Facebook Page Features

New Facebook Page Features

In the last several months, Facebook has rolled out some really cool features for Facebook pages. Using these products is a great way to improve your marketing and your relationship with your customers. (Clients, don’t worry, we’re working on integrating these too!)

Quick Responses and Responsiveness Icon

Quick responses are a great way to save time while giving professional and personable responses. Facebook allows you to title and create your own replies to common questions that your business may receive. You can also personalize them by adding the person’s first and last name, the admin’s first and last name, and more. This option is a great way to keep all your responses professional, consistent and most importantly, timely!

Also, if you respond to 90% of messages with a five-minute response over a week, Facebook will turn on a green “responsiveness” icon on your page. This notifies your fans and other people who come across your page that they can count on receiving a reply when contacting your business.

CTAs (Calls to Action)

Pages are a great way to not only build brand credibility, but also to call people to action. Facebook has added a CTA button that you can use that will show up near the “like” button. Currently, the CTAs to choose from are Book Now,  Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video. (We’re hoping they’ll add “Donate Now” as an option for non-profits!) You can learn more about setting up this button here.

Featured Videos and Playlists

Facebook is now rivalling YouTube with options to have featured videos and create playlists. Uploading videos directly to Facebook is a great idea for businesses because Facebook’s algorithm favors their own native videos over other video hosting sites. See how to add a featured video and make playlists for your page here. Some other small, but useful features, are the ability to track analytics, embed Facebook videos, and set target audiences.

Bluetooth Beacon

This isn’t necessarily a page feature, but it can prompt customers to interact with your page more. The Bluetooth beacons are devices that send signals to your customer’s Facebook app when they visit your business. “Place Tips” then show up with a welcome note, prompts to like your business’s’ Facebook page, check-in, etc. These beacons are designed for privacy and don’t collect information from your customers. You can learn more about Facebook Beacons and request one here.
Using these things for your business’ page could change your Facebook game. Here at KE, we’re working on deploying these newer features for our clients. If you need help with your social media marketing, see our plans or contact us!