What Are Your Pain Points?

What Are Your Pain Points?

“So, what would you say you do here?”

Though this quote brings to mind a favorite scene (above) from the all-time classic comedy, Office Space, it also does a nice job of introducing today’s blog topic. The question I want to discuss for prospective clients and even fellow or future marketers is, what exactly is it that we do, as marketers? 

Sound too simplistic? Ask a dozen marketers to define what they do and count the ahs, ums and stammers. The truth is that helping businesses sell their products and services isn’t rocket science but it is a science. It’s not art but it is artfulMarketing isn’t rocket science but it is a science. It’s not art but it is artful. Click To Tweet

If you’re a small business owner, what you do is fundamentally very similar to what we do. That is, identify your customers’ pain points and develop solutions to help solve them.

So how do we do that for you, the small business owner? We tell your story with new media like video, photo, web design, and social media. But it’s how we use those tools that makes the difference. Let me explain.

Identify the right audience.

It’s not enough to say “we want everyone” to buy your product. That would be nice, but it’s far too broad of a goal to be able to actually expect success, or to know how to change when it inevitably doesn’t work. Think about it like the effect of a shotgun vs. the effect of a rifle. Though we promise not to hurt anyone in the process, we prefer to identify an audience with a rifle’s accuracy rather than a shotgun’s breadth.

To that end, we do in-depth research and ask questions that reveal the core drivers of your audience’s behaviors. What motivates them? What sparks their passion? How do you earn their loyalty? When we identify that audience and zero in on their pain points we then create a content strategy to help massage that pain away.

Differentiate your digital presence.

It’s not enough anymore to just have a website. It has to look good. But it’s also not enough to just have a good looking website. It also has to deliver an easy and informative browsing experience AND be easily found near the top of search rankings for relevant keywords. These days, a great small business website is a feast for the senses. It is the next best thing to walking in your door and meeting you face to face.

Our team will help you differentiate your digital presence by getting your website and social profiles up to par with original, high quality photo and video. We’ll create a website that feels uniquely ‘you’ and that clearly communicates your value proposition. We’ll also use our content writers and SEO experts to make sure you are ranking as high as you possibly can for the keywords that matter.

Think outside the digital box.

Sometimes there’s a sense that simply having the website and social profiles is enough. For a small business, this can be a dangerous mentality. Having them is of minimal utility if you aren’t making proper use of them. Remember your audience’s pain points. It’s important to publish content regularly so that you can remain a steady, helpful presence in your customers’ lives.

Beyond maintaining and optimizing these digital tools, we also pledge to think outside the digital box to facilitate connections for your business. Whether it’s between you and another business or you and the community, we are always on the lookout for ways that you can expand your customer base in meaningful ways.

We know that having great content and social media means nothing to you if it doesn’t help move the needle on your business. We also know that ROI in marketing is rarely as simple as one dollar in, two dollars out. That’s why we are committed to making it our business to not only be your marketing department, but to help identify your greatest pain points and to develop marketing solutions to help solve them.
We provide a holistic marketing solution that is affordable, can scale with your needs, and actively seeks innovative ways to solve your business’s major pain points. Want to learn more? Fill out a contact form and we’ll find a time to chat.