Drone Footage is Marketing Magic

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Social Media

Why do people love seeing drone footage so much? It’s dope, that’s why. 

In all seriousness, drone footage performs incredibly well in digital marketing for a few reasons and we’d like to dive into them here. The best drone footage captures the essence of your product or service while showcasing it to its fullest potential. It’s an effective way to make your business come alive on screen, while also providing consumers with a taste of what they might experience if they decide to purchase from you instead of one of your competitors. 

As drone technology continues to take off (pun intended), there are more and more businesses experimenting with drone-based video production for their digital marketing needs. Here’s why you should be one of them.

You get that polished, professional look.

Drone footage takes video to the next level when it comes to production value. You are able to offer viewers an elevated (again, pun intended) experience with your offerings. You can present a high-value presentation at a budget-friendly price point. Viewers enjoy seeing these rich visuals that are able to transport them out of their current surroundings and right into your sales funnel.

You give the viewer an immersive, unique experience. 

Is your competitor utilizing drone footage in their marketing strategy? Likely not. Which is another solid reason why you should. Offering something different, something interesting, has a huge impact on your engagement and viewing stats. Drone footage gives the viewer the feeling of being there, being present. It immerses the viewer in a scene that you’ve orchestrated. This unique digital offering can provide quite a competitive differentiator. 

You stop the scroll.

Drone footage is just plain eye-catching! When you’re scrolling along through social media it takes a lot to stop the scroll, right? Drone footage does just that. It’s an exciting way to present just about everything, but especially those things that otherwise might not be that interesting. For instance, a basin.

Yup, I’m essentially talking about a hole in the ground. I know what you’re thinking, “What could be less interesting than a hole in the ground?” Well, just take a look at this short video we did for McGill Restoration.

If we can make a hole in the ground interesting, imagine what we can do for your products or services! If you’d like to talk about incorporating drone work into your digital marketing plan, we’d love to have that discussion. 

You can reach our Head of Business Development, Mari, at mari@kedigital.com or (531) 600-1880.

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