Love Your Job.
Ke is the definition of a relaxed work environment. Want to wear flip flops? Go ahead. Can’t bear to leave your pup at home? Bring her in. Happy employees do good work. That’s why we let our employees create an environment that makes them happy.

Hone Your Digital Marketing Skills.
Unlike a lot of other marketing firms, every person here at Ke wears a lot of hats. Most of us work in at least two departments, meaning we’re able to improve our marketing skills across the board, instead of just one area.

Be Part Of A Team.
What happens when you get a bunch of creative people in a room together? You get a lot of ideas! We wholeheartedly believe in working together to provide the best experience for our clients.


 Work-Life Balance

We know you have a life outside of work, which is why we respect your time and work.

Casual Work Environment

We guess you could say our office environment is pretty relaxed. Yoga pants and flip flops are the norm, unless you have a client meeting.

Paid Volunteers Hours

Get paid while giving back to the community. That’s what we like to call a win-win.


Ke offers medical insurance plans, 401k, paid time off, and more.

Healthy Work Environment

Enjoy a paid gym membership, in-office fit desk, and (drum roll, please) massage chair.

Dog Friendly

Welcome your BFF with open arms (if your BFF is your dog, that is).

Team Collaboration

Get to know your coworkers with quarterly fun days and monthly happy hours.

Competitive Pay

You know your worth. We know your worth. And you’ll be compensated accordingly.


Video Crew Member

Full Time

KreativElement is looking for an enthusiastic shooter/editor to add to our video team. Must be an excellent shooter, proficient in Adobe Premiere and most importantly a talented storyteller.

The Video Crew Member will be expected to…

    • shoot, edit and animate video projects as assigned.
    • maintain equipment; keep it safe and well cared for. Report any loss or breakage.
    • become proficient in the use of all Ke cameras, gimbals, audio equipment and editing software. Learn any new equipment. For example, know how to format cards, manually white balance, shoot in different speeds/frame rates, 4k, adjust camera settings for best outcomes and be familiar with audio requirements.
    • stay updated on the latest video trends, options and technology. Be able to offer client solutions.
    • be professional, helpful and technically proficient on shoots. Prepare required equipment for shoots including cards and batteries. Load equipment in and out as needed.  Keep staging area organized.
    • transfer recorded cards and files to computer upon return from shoot.
    • maintain project files on drive and google drive per Ke standards.
    • Ke recurring clients are assigned a Video Account Manager. The VAM will be the primary video contact for the client. Perform client related duties including attending the Monday morning interdepartmental pow wows when scheduled and attend the client MSG’s. Support the Social Media Account Manager.
    • communicate with clients to suggest ideas and determine themes for upcoming videos. Coordinate the shoot times and schedule. Add to calendar per Ke standards.
    • finalize a project per Ke standards. Share and upload as needed.
    • help answer the phones and assist with any other office tasks that may arise.

The Video Crew Member can expect Ke to…

  • respect your time and work.
  • offer a relaxed work environment. Yoga pants and flip flops are the norm, unless you have a video shoot or client meeting.
  • encourage you to volunteer in your community with paid volunteer hours.
  • offer incentives like medical, paid time off, and more.
  • foster a healthy work environment with a paid gym membership, an in-office fit desk, and massage chair.
  • welcome your BFF with open arms (if your BFF is your dog, that is).
  • encourage team collaboration with fun days and happy hours.
  • offer competitive pay.

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