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Koffee with Ke podcast is a product of KreativElement – The digital marketing experts in the Midwest.

Koffee with Ke is a perfect blend of marketing, business, and of course coffee. With each episode, our goal is to bring trending as well as traditional topics to you all, as well as a review of our coffee drink of the week. Have a recommendation on coffee, local to Omaha or across the country – let us know!

You Should Know Podcast Logo
You Should Know Podcast Logo
You Should Know Podcast Logo
You Should Know Podcast Logo
You Should Know Podcast Logo
You Should Know Podcast Logo
You Should Know Podcast Logo
You Should Know Podcast Logo

You Should Know episodes!

In this episode, Mari meets with Janel one-on-one and talks about business, marketing, and everything in between.

Blake Martin – The Heartland Franchise Guy sips coffee and talks about franchise and marketing.

This week Mari and James talk with another digital agency owner out of Oklahoma. Steven owns and operates Syn3rgy Creative Group. We talk about the current state of digital, what makes our agencies different and of course – Coffee!

Learn more about Toby Asplin, an entrepreneur here in the Omaha metro area and someone who has been involved in marketing the companies that he owns over the years, with the most recent business being an ecommerce business. In the end, Toby relays his thoughts on 3 things that entrepreneurs need to be successful.

Mari and James explore what were the hits and misses of 2023 marketing and what may be on the horizon for 2024

In this episode, Mari and James discuss the process and things to consider when building an annual marketing plan. We rate coffee from A Catered Affair!

With the rebranded podcast moving from You Should Know to Koffee with Ke, we are meeting with Cola Henderson with Mylo Brand Studio formerly known as Soul and Swag. Since they just went through a major rebrand, how fitting as our first guest in the new format.

This week we change it up a little bit and Mari and Judy talk more on their experience in networking over the years.

James and Mari discuss the analytics and metrics that really matter when talking about digital and web results.

Mari and James spend a few minutes talking about why we choose to still serve small and medium businesses after all these years.

Mari and James go through the most common objections and FAQ’s that they face from clients and prospects around digital marketing and marketing in general.

James and Mari spend some more time with Alex, our internal SEO/SEM guru. In this episode, we break down SEM!

Mari and James welcome SEO/SEM guru on the Ke team – Alex to the podcast where he simplifies what SEO and why you need it.

Mari and James review how to think about setting a budget for your business and how it can be allocated, as well as what outsourcing can do for your time. 

Mari and James discuss a sensitive topic around the fact of franchisees being considered local businesses. 

In this episode, Mari and James discuss six digital marketing myths and why they are not true. 

In this episode we talk with the longest tenured employee of KreativElement. Courtney has grown the social team and the processes and procedures to get Ke to where we are now.

In this episode we talk with Brent about his business Mortgage Specialist and some of the other things that have helped get him to the success he has now. 

In this episode we talk to Chris Andersen of SunCo. We talk about business, marketing, brand story and his famous “subway sandwhich story” 

In this episode we meet Jason Feldman. He’s someone you should know as a community advocate, marketing professional, Realtor and just an all-around great person. 

We get to know our long time friend Patti Jaynes a little better in this episode, focusing around sales and growth.

In this episode we talk with Michael Maley about what has made him a success in the real estate world, as well as his other ventures! 

In this episode we talk to Jill Slupe and learn more about her, and her new venture Exit Playbook!

Our very first episode features Elizabeth Hallgren. She’s someone you should know as a local business owner, marketing professional, and just an all-around great person. Listen as Elizabeth and James Duran talk through brand storytelling and a lot more in our first episode of You Should Know. 

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