Square Videos For Social Media

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Videography

Square Videos for Social Media

It’s good to be square.

Instagram made square popular, but mobile content consumption has made it prom queen. Why? Geometry.

Statistically speaking, you’re probably reading this on your phone.

In early 2017, the scales tipped from more people viewing social media on a desktop to using their phones. The trend continues and now most folks, 61% to be precise, use their mobile device to browse social media.

If more people are using social media with a phone, it makes sense for posts to take advantage of that fact. Enter square video.

Consider the shape of your phone screen, the shape of your feed and, without having any high school flashbacks, ask which fits better, a horizontal rectangle or a square? I’ve done the math for you and when it comes to viewing area, a square video takes up 78% more of your screen than a rectangle. And, in this instance, bigger is better.

Landscape video is still the king of formats, but if your primary use for a video is social media, square is where it’s at.

Are you ready to test square videos on your social media outlets? We’d love to help you make them! Give us a call at 402-557-5894, shoot us an email to info@kreativelement.com, or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to get started today.

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