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by | Feb 12, 2021 | Content Strategy, Social Media

I’ve been at the helm of the social media team for over six years now and we’ve got our tools and processes down pat. I can’t tell you the number of systems and management programs we’ve demoed, trialed, tried, and dumped. As a small business that serves other small businesses, we have to find the most efficient, cost-effective ways to move the needle, and that has a great deal to do with the tools we use. Check ‘em out…

Our Scheduling, Monitoring, and Analytics Platform 

Sendible: It took us years of trial and error to find the solution that was perfect for us and our clients but this one has it all. We needed something that checked all the boxes:

✓ Client Access: We think it’s important for our clients to have access to their scheduling platform for two main reasons. We aren’t always there, although we wish we could be, for really timely, last-minute changes. For instance, when offices have to close for snow days or emergencies, it’s nice for our clients to be able to log in and publish a quick post across all of their platforms. We also love that our clients can look into their analytics any time they want. They’re never in the dark.

✓ Engagement Monitoring Dashboards: Instead of having to log in to each social platform, you can build custom dashboards to monitor and engage with your audience no matter what their preferred social outlet is and how they want to reach out to you. You can see and interact with DMs, comments, likes, and more, all from one dashboard.

✓ Smart Scheduling Between Outlets: Instead of creating multiple posts, Sendible makes it simple to create one post and customize it for each outlet in a simple, intuitive interface. This saves us a ton of time and ensures that your content is tailored to your outlets. 

✓ Limitless Analytics: Many scheduling/analytics platforms put a rather low limit on how many reports you can generate. That simply doesn’t work for us. We like to report to every client on a quarterly basis. Beyond that, we can look into analytics any time we want to check campaign performance and make tweaks if need be. 

There are a bunch more features that make Sendible the best scheduling, monitoring, and analytics platform for us, but these are the features that are most important to us. As a Ke social media client, you’ll have access to all of it too!

Our Content Creation Tools

Canva: This is our absolute favorite design tool for non-designers. Canva allows us to organize all of our clients’ brand assets, content, and templates in an interface that encourages collaboration. They offer an extensive library of animations, photos, and videos to really set your content apart from the competition. 

Typeform: This is a tool we use to capture information from our clients and their team. Our favorite way to use this tool is in our employee spotlight campaigns. We simply create a short survey in Typeform that our clients can share with their staff by passing along a link. Then we use their responses in conjunction with pictures. This is a fantastic way to humanize your brand and show your audience a familiar face.


Todoist: The best little online to-do list a content creator could ask for. When managing multiple clients, with multiple services, with multiple outlets, with multiple tasks, with multiple points of contact (get where I’m going here?), you have to stay organized. Todoist helps us stay on task and in communication. 

The feature we use the most would have to be recurring tasks. Each week we need to manage growth, engagement, check ads, create content, and more little tasks for every social media client. Todoist regenerates these task lists every week so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Drive: The Google Suite is where it’s at, especially Drive. With unlimited storage and intuitive forms and templates, Drive helps us keep every piece of content we create for our clients organized and easily accessible for our team and for our clients. All Ke clients have full access to these Drive folders. We also carry out the editing process through Drive for the most efficient way to deliver flawless content. Google+ aside (RIP), Google really knows what they’re doing. 

It’s a lot, right? We know! That’s why we’re in business. We take ALL of this off your plate and make you as big or small a part of the process as you choose. Your involvement is 100% up to you. Want to talk about letting you do your thing, while Ke does the marketing? Let’s talk.

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