Importance of Local Community for Videos

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Videography

Community and Location



Hi, I’m Zech, videographer here at KreativElement and I’m here in somewhat snowy, more like slushy, Omaha, Nebraska. In this video I’m going to talk about why location is important.

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Videos with Community Focus 

Does your organization have a community? And is it based in Omaha? It’s a very important thing to find out, and if not, create.

Importance of creating a community with video

So let’s talk about that community in your future videos. Every organization can have a community that is important, it just takes lots of fostering and care. Think about what makes your community even more special than lets say a community that’s in pacific northwest or east coast. What makes the Omaha community more special specifically? Think about that and make videos geared towards those interests and your demographic. It will help so much.

Video marketing affects nearly every other aspect or part of marketing. Location consumers and community form a triangle. If you market towards a location your marketing to a community and if you market towards a consumer you’re marketing to a community. All these people have problems they need fixed, that your product can fix. And they’re part of a community and they can be part of your community if you market to them the right way.

Your organization is not alone.

Have you ever felt like your organization is alone in the world? Well it’s really not. There are plenty of people who are interested in your organization. You just have to let them know that you’re there. There really should be no reason to feel alone in the middle of a squishy grass soccer field. Having a community not only increases the potential of your organization, but also gives you and your employees much more satisfaction knowing they’re making a difference.

Be a part of the community in your videos.

Marketing towards your current consumers is one thing, so they can buy more products, use more services, keep their subscription, whatever. Some of that same video content can be universal, and we’ll talk about that more in another video about framing videos to use as more than just one. Video marketing towards people in your area is marketing towards people like you. And that’s really what you want to do to attract audiences that align with you right now as well as you in the future. 

Showing that you’re part of a community is such a powerful thing. Most likely you are already doing something that’s making an impact. And if you aren’t already doing something that is making an impact, you can start. Knowing that in the future, that will pay off, and it doesn’t have to be awkward or fake, but just knowing that the community you are impacting is your community. Now i’m not talking about donating to charities or anything like that, but what i am talking about is making videos that feature other people in the community  or impact them in some way or talk about them in some way. So pay attention to the local news and figure out where you might fit in.

Add interest into your videos.

If people see you  out in your community doing things talking to people or even just making videos that feature certain things about your community, they will come and enjoy your content more, because who doesn’t like videos that feature their city?

Using these different locations in your videos will be more interesting for the casual viewer but also a lot more interesting for people who are local. They’ll see that building that they know, they’ll see that park or lake that they know and really appreciate the fact that you’re going out there and filming in those locations, featuring them.

I know this may seem all poetic, but if you look at other companies around you, look at their community and what their engagement is like, do people want to work with them or for them? Figure out what aspects of their community building might work for you.

Do something.

If you’re in Nebraska or Midwest region, and want to create more community based videos, let us know at  

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