Using Animation to Supplement Video Content

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Social Media, Videography

Using Animation to Supplement Video Content

So you have a video idea, but you’re struggling to work around new health guidelines to assemble the pieces into a video that you can share on your social media channels? 2020 has provided many challenges for video creators, but the need for content has only increased, and a lot of live-action content is being supplemented with animation, and mixed media.

Social media platforms allow for a wide range of video content. This allows you to design your animations so that they “loop” seamlessly.” Or you could create an elevator pitch style explainer video that details a product, or service in 60-120 seconds.

It is important to begin with a concept for your video before getting into the content creation phase. This provides a more effective use of the graphic assets. For example, you could develop an explainer video that lives on a product page of your website, and re-purpose those graphic components into multiple smaller (5-15 seconds) video pieces to drive engagement to a landing page. 

When we have a concept for our video we can begin laying out an overview of what needs to be created, or collected to begin telling our story. Some videos may require a script, or storyboard while others may just require some simple thumbnail sketches, but I always begin laying out an idea on paper.

Another component that plays an important role in determining the workload is whether or not there are any characters in the video. Character animation is hard work, but there are many software tools available to help ease the process. Some Character Animation may also require a voiceover recording, depending on the goal for the video. When we have our project laid out we can begin creating the graphics needed.

With our production plan laid out we begin creating the actual “pieces” that will be animated in the video. Below is a breakdown of some different ways you could create a graphic of a maple leaf. This process will determine the style of the video, and whether it is achieved in 2D, or 3D space. 

Once all of our assets have been developed it is time to animate our artwork! I typically use After Effects for animation, but there are many tools available that will allow you to achieve similar results. 

When we are happy with the movement of our animation, we can add special effects or sfx, and music to contribute to the personality of the video.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple breakdown of some different ways you can utilize animation to fill in the gaps where you may be lacking on current video content. Please contact KreativElement if you’re interested in working with us to develop a motion graphic video, or mixed-media content for your social media channels! 


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