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Ke takes a holistic approach to marketing which means we consider all the different parts of a business as one single entity. It is based on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As such, there is a shared aim and purpose for all the activities related to a business. 

Ke provides primarily digital marketing and advertising services while including some traditional pieces like direct mail, print pieces and marketing consulting in general. KreativElement is a strategic partner with LIVE and is the internal marketing department for all LIVE locations. 

available services include…

Social Media Management

We create content, engage with your followers, and monitor analytics for your social media.

Website Maintenance

Your website is kept updated & error free.

Reporting Dashboard

24/7 Access to your analytics

SEO & SEM Services

We optimize your website to be found on search engines such as Google and others.

Monthly Performance Reports

Monthly site health and performance reports sent to you.

Review & Testimonial Management

We work with you to maximize your reviews and make sure they are responded to.

Local Listings Management

We make sure your information is accurate at all times across many different platforms. Hours, address etc.. these things change. Keep your patients and customers informed.

Local SEO

SEO with a local focus, be found where you are.

Videography & Photography

We will shoot video and photo either on location or in our studio!

…and more!


Of KreativElement’s Digital Marketing


Focus on what you do best - we handle the marketing


We tell your story & market your brand


Stay up-to-date with regular reports & reviews


Show up in search results


Your online info stays up-to-date & relevant


We keep working to improve your results


Reach out to new customers


Stay connected to existing customers

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate, creative marketers based in Omaha. We look at marketing as an opportunity to tell stories that foster recognition and brand loyalty.

With the latest technologies and techniques, we use social mediaweb designcopywritingdigital ads & SEOphotography, and video to create dynamic, shareable content and represent your unique qualities in the best possible light.

In short, we revel in moving the needle for your business.

LIVE Hydration Package and Add-ons

Digital Marketing Package

Social Media Management

We manage the 4 pillars of social media; content creation, growth, engagement, and paid ads management. Your account manager will work with you to create a quarterly content strategy guide. This guide will define your objectives, audience, and social media goals. You will meet with your team quarterly to update your strategy guide to track and report on goals and keep the most up-to-date tools, information, and industry-specific content at work in your strategy. Each week, we will refer to the content strategy guide to curate content for each of your social media outlets and their specific audiences. You will receive this content weekly for approval or feedback. Once approved, the content is scheduled. We will also manage your ad budget through boosted posts and/or ads on the specified outlets.
During each week, growth and engagement are also managed. This means your social media manager will monitor how your audience is engaging with you via your social media outlets. They will also like, follow, and engage with potential customers and clients to expand your social reach.

– Facebook: 3-5/week
– Twitter: 3-5 /week
– Instagram: 3-5/week
– Google Business Profile: 3-5/week
– LinkedIn Page/Profile: 3-5/week

This amount does not include an ad budget. We require a minimum of $50 per month in ad spend to be billed to your on-file credit card.

**LIVE to require a $300/mo minimum for the first 3 months**

Headshots at Discovery Day as well as an “About Us” video
to be shot in Omaha during initial training at Corporate


Local Listings Management

Birthday Email Blasts to Customers


Web Maintenance

**Travel Cost not included (Airfare, Hotel, Car)**


Photo Video ($425/mo)

This would allow you to cash flow out a video/photo shoot quarterly. This would be a quarterly commitment. 

Email Blasts ($115/mo)
Email blast add-on for store owners – As a separate email blast from what the home office is doing through birthday promotion and monthly newsletter.
Sourcing Data ($85/1000 records)

We can pass along our wholesale relationship with data axel (formerly infogroup) and source data based on many variables of information. We can get business and consumer info, including phone, address, email, employer size etc… 

Blog Writing (written by LIVE) ($115/mo)
This option would be if we are maintaining the current process and proofing what you have created, and optimizing for SEO and posting to the website.
Blog Writing (written by KE) ($225/mo)
During the on-boarding and then quarterly planning sessions we would come up with researched topics for blog writing and present those for approval. We would provide two blogs monthly, optimized, and post on the corporate site for you. We believe that any more than 2 per month would not be needed.
Text Blast Marketing ($10/mo)

We utilize the eztext platform for managing text blast marketing. We have no market up on this and have the owner have their card on file for the fees. We can source lists or use your own members list.

Targeted and EDDM Mailers

We can design assets for distribution through targeted mail or utilizing the EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) options. If you are part of the design plug and play program you can get these designs at no additional cost. Only a passthrough cost of postage and only a 10% markup on wholesale printing (compared to the usual 30%). If you are not part of the design plug and play program the design is a-la-carte rates.

Design Plug & Play ($40/mo)

Be able to participate in all of the assets created (regardless of who asked for it) and access the community Canva account. Submit requests for designs for approval as needed.

Reviews & Testimonials Management ($25/mo)

Gain access to our reviews management system, seeking recommendations and 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

A-la-carte Rates
We offer various services at an hourly a-la-carte rate when working with our recurring clients. These range from $75-$95 per hour and include copy, design, animation, video, photo.

Jump Start Program

1. We would personalize all of the graphics created for the individual location as part of this investment. We would also curate and provide a list of these locations to the new owner through our wholesale relationship through Data Axel (formerly Infogroup) We would do a search for all businesses located in the zip code and purchase the data, it would supply the phone number, name of the manager, physical address and usually email addresses. 

2. With the above, we would create an email blast to those respective businesses trying to get a meeting or phone call with those. In addition, we would do an email blast to meet with event planners and any event centers in the zip code that can be included in upcoming events. 

3. Set up social accounts a head of open, and create all public events, including the planned grand opening event on FB events, along with the development of the landing page for that location on the website and listed events there. 

4. Promote “founding members” perks for the first XXX number of people that become members by setting a goal around the number prior to the grand opening. 

5. EDDM – Every door direct mail. Design, print, and mail to targeted addresses within a certain radius of the location or in the purchased zipcode. This program includes the print and postage cost on up to 3000 locations mailed.  

6. Similarly to #1, we would also source a list of detailed demographics in the zip code for personal emails to create an email blast to individuals to invite to the various events and perks on early membership. This would be purchased through Data Axel as well. 

7. Create and promote corporate memberships for companies in the zip code that have a certain number of employees or employees that work in industries that would benefit the most. We would supply this. Set updates that could come to the location and do weekly/monthly. Leg work for the new owner, but we would supply the data for employee size, manager names, etc.. 

8. Create the hype graphics and use for social ads, as well as Google Ads in the short term to beef up the local exposure. 

9. Video intro and outro will be created for the local location with the existing video promotion, along with the training day headshots and about us video production. 

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here’s what our clients say:

“We’ve been very pleased with the quality performance provided by KreativElement. Our social media presence and new patient load has definitely increased due to our partnership.”


– Dr. Ellen Weiss, OD
Millard Family Eyecare  |  Omaha, Nebraska
“We switched to KE over 5 years ago! They helped our 40 year old company re-vamp our branding with our vision in mind! The team at KE is always excited to help us reach our next goal and willing to accommodate any needs we bring to the table. We consider them a lifelong partner and recommend them to anyone looking for expertise in the marketing/digital world!”


– Julie Sherman
Clean Water Guys |  Omaha, Nebraska

You Do Your Thing, We’ll Do the Marketing