Westfield plastic surgery 

recognized leader in plastic surgery and medspa services

Based in Omaha, Westfield Plastic Surgery Center has the latest advancements to help patients look their best with a variety of plastic surgery treatments for the face and body. They also offer a full skincare line, as well as medspa services. 

They were facing a couple of unique challenges as a plastic surgery provider. Firstly, gaining social engagement for a service that some people don’t want others to know they’re receiving can be nearly impossible, and feel like a constant uphill battle. Secondly, most prospective plastic surgery patients have some trepidations about reaching out and starting the process. 

Different products and services should rely on different metrics to measure social media success. For instance, page likes shouldn’t be a metric of success for this type of business, whereas reach and impressions would be. Once we defined the appropriate metrics and goals, we were able to create a winning social media strategy that we’ve been tweaking and improving upon for the last three years. 

We wanted to ease the fears of prospective patients by showcasing the office and humanizing the Westfield Plastic Surgery Center brand. We wanted their patients to visual themselves in the office and be able to put a name to a face. Incorporating photography and videos to their social media strategy allowed us to introduce the Westfield staff and office to prospective clients on their own time, in their own environment. 

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