Vision Source Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this commitment?

We build strategic plans in 90-day runs. As a result, we have always believed that earning a client’s business each quarter is up to continued collaboration. We ask for a 30-day notice if that decision is made.

Will I have dedicated support?

Absolutely! You will have a dedicated account manager who will reach out to you on a weekly basis, at minimum. We also offer a 24-hour response guarantee.

Questions About Social Media Management

What if I have more than one office/location? How does this affect pricing?

Many of our Vision Source clients have more than one office. All pricing is based on a single location practice. If you have 3 or more practice locations under the same branding, we will add an additional 25% to these rates. As an example, if you have 4 locations with the same branding, your total for package two would be $1093.75 per month. If you have multiple practice locations under different branding then your pricing would be an additional 25% per different brand. As an example, if you have 4 locations and all 4 are branded differently, we would be at $1531.25 per month for package two.

Do you answer direct messages or comments?

We sure do! One of the four pillars of social media management is engagement. This means that we engage with your audience in a timely, professional, and helpful manner.

How will you know how to represent our doctors and brand?

Our onboarding process is extremely thorough. It is our goal to get your messaging and voice down. Your reputation is important to us, so we always communicate with your social audience in a professional, courteous manner. If we don’t know the answer or right response, we’ll ask you! Simple, right?

Can we make special requests?

Of course! If you’d like to host a giveaway or want to run a special campaign, we’re happy to get it out there. Since these types of requests are outside of your package’s scope of work, it is billed at $67.50/hr.

What if I don’t know my passwords?

We’ll work with you to regain access to your accounts to the best of our ability. That being said, we don’t have magic wands, sometimes we do have to start from scratch, and that’s okay. It’s best to just get these things sorted, and that’s what we do!

What if my social platforms aren’t set up?

We’ll set them up for you! We’ll work with you to make sure your accounts are set up securely and you have complete access. A one-time fee of $350 would be assessed for needing to start from scratch.

What is expected of me on a weekly basis?

You can be as engaged in this process as you’d like. Our goal is to take social media management off of your plate completely. However, you can offer feedback and ideas whenever you like. You will receive a document each week with the following week’s social posts. You have the option to chime in or completely ignore us – it’s totally up to you! And if you do decide to ignore us, don’t worry, we don’t take it personally.

Can/should we still post on our own social platforms?

Absolutely! You’ll have access to our enterprise level scheduling platform, so posting across all of your social media platforms is simple. You will also be able to see the posts we’ve scheduled so they don’t overlap.

Will our social media have a personal touch?

Personal touches like pictures and videos from the staff perform very well and we highly recommend this type of content. That being said, we can only post these things if we have them. We recommend making it a goal to send your account manager one photo or video from your office each week. Get your staff on board and this is a very easy task that will really help your reach and engagement.

Questions About Web Maintenance

Can you make updates to my website?

If your practice is like most, you have a WordPress website. This enables you to have web maintenance included in your plan.

How do I request a change on my website?

To request a change or update, all you need to do is email your account manager. After that, we will create a ticket for you and let you know when it has been completed.

How do I give you access to my website?

In order to make changes or updates, we either need your WordPress login credentials or you have to add our development team as an admin user.

Questions About Internet Accessibility Compliance

How do you guarantee internet accessibility compliance?

We’ve partnered with AudioEye, a company that specializes in web accessibility. More than one million websites use their technology, and they work with everyone from local brands, like ours, to nationwide companies like ADP, Uber, and LA Fitness. When you sign up for our Accessibility Upgrade, AudioEye’s technology is applied to your site. They’ll test it thoroughly to ensure it’s ADA compliant to AA standards, get you certified, and perform ongoing remediation to make sure you stay in compliance. They do everything for you, which is important because ADA standards are constantly changing.

Can I see how the internet accessibility tool looks and functions on a website?

Absolutely! We have AudioEye installed on our website. To explore the tool, simply click on the blue icon near the bottom right corner of any page on our website.

Questions About SEM Management

What is SEM?

Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.

How much do I have to spend on ads?

Every business is different and every budget is different. We will research your competitors, keywords, and region to understand what an appropriate ad spend budget would be. Then, we’ll work with you to apply that budget to your ad campaigns in the best way.

Can we remarket to patients?

Yes, remarketing can be done in a number of ways to bring your previous patients back to the practice, stay top-of-mind with potential patients, and make your current patients lifetime patients.

Questions About SEO Management

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s how KreativElement increases the quality and quantity of visits to your website.

How can it help my business?

Organic searches are often the source of the majority of your website traffic. Ensuring your domain and relevant pages are showing at the top of searches means your patients can find you easier and places them one step closer to making an appointment.

Can you track where my website users are coming from?

Yes! We use a handful of powerful analytics tools to track where your website users come from, on or off the web, and how they are spending time on your site. If they are typing your brand name or searching for services in your city, we can help you understand where and how they are finding you.

Can you help set up my Google My Business listing?

Local business listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, and many others are an important aspect of search engine optimization. We’ll help you claim, set up, and continually optimize your local business listings with our listings management tool, and make sure you get the most of new features from Google and other platforms.

Questions About Review Management

What is review management?

We use a tool that offers our clients digital products to enhance their services and add value. You will have access to tools for review collection, reputation management, social media publishing, competition tracking, and Google Ads. You can customize your platform with our website builder, e-commerce, website accessibility, local SEO, email marketing, and custom domain email.

You can easily gather testimonials from your patients. Send customizable surveys via text and/or email to collect 5-star reviews on the world’s top platforms. Embed a live stream of reviews directly on your website, and trigger surveys automatically based on the interaction of your choice via our Zapier integration.

What does it do for my business?

Businesses that respond to reviews at least 25% of the time average 35% more in revenue. Build trust online by tracking what’s being said about your business everywhere. Now it’s easy to reply to every review.

Can I track analytics?

Yes! Navigate to the Analytics tab to view responses and stats.

Can I track competitors?

Sure can! You can track up to five competitors. When you track competitors, the tool shows you what people are saying about them online. Keep up with what’s going on in your area and get the info you need to stay on top.

What social platforms does this integrate with?

The competition tracker displays people’s comments from Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Trustpilot, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, Manta, Consumer Affairs, Cylex, Yellowpages, RateMDs, Zocdoc, Houzz, Realtor, The Knot, and WeddingWire.

Who do I come to for support?

Your account manager is always ready to help with any question you have about your review management tool.