Copy Writing Services

Your copy conveys your level of expertise and pride in your industry. We ensure that your words are flawless, effective and informative. As a business owner, it can often be hard to step back, ditch the jargon and craft copy that really compels an audience to trust, engage and ultimately, take action.


Our content specialists will ensure that your mission, vision and values are felt throughout every page, with authentic and thoughtful words. You didn’t copy and paste your business, so don’t do it with your words.

Newsletter Management

We understand the importance of keeping your customers informed and engaged, and that’s why we offer newsletter management. Keeping up with a weekly or even monthly newsletter can quickly become overwhelming. You have to manage and grow your email lists, create new and compelling content, develop eye-catching images and focus on consistency. It’s a lot to handle when you have the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business. Let KreativElement handle the creation and distribution of your newsletter, while you take care of business.
A newsletter is extremely effective for any business owner who wants to communicate with their audience on a more personal level -and that’s pretty much every business owner. There is something about receiving an email from a product or service provider that says, “We go the extra mile.” Use our newsletter management services to establish your voice and get your audience to take actions that impact your bottom line.

Blog Management

You want to establish credibility in your industry, and keep your audience engaged -the best way to accomplish both of those goals is create and maintain a blog. Sounds simple right? Well any business owner who has tried to tackle this endeavor on their own knows exactly how tough blog management can be.
Let KreativElement help you shape your message and create a manageable process for a compelling, informative and engaging weekly blog. We do the work, but you run the show. All blogs posts will be created well in advance of publication to give you complete control of your voice. We will manage the creation of a blog calendar, copy, curation of images, the uploading and search engine optimization of each post while you take care of the day-to-day of running your business. There’s a big difference between a blog and an effective blog -let us show you. While you’re here, check out the KreativElement blog for some fresh and simple marketing ideas.

Website Copy Creation

Your site is your virtual store front -every word here matters. Is your virtual store informative? Does it speak to your target audience? Is your virtual store cluttered with jargon or industry terms that your audience is confused by? Do guests feel welcome here?
Today, customers get their information online before they step foot in a store. If the information, products or services they’re looking for aren’t on your site, they’re moving on to the provider who will give it to them. Beyond the bare bones of information, your mission, vision and values should be heard and felt throughout your site copy. Customers want to feel as though they will be cared for, listened to and valued. Is your copy currently doing all of that? Let KreativElement work with you to create a voice that informs, engages and assures your audience.