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You need a social media strategy – don’t let anyone tell you any different. And we’re not talking about posting a cute cat video once a week on Facebook with the hope that your audience thinks you’re as adorable as said cat. You need to figure out where your target audience (you do know who that is, right?) is hanging out on the internet – is it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or some other online nook you’re not yet aware of?

We also need to make sure your brand message is one that will resonate with your target market on social media. What information are they looking for? What problem can you solve for them? And where do they want to find the solution? The real goal is to get consistent traffic headed to your site or other CTA so we want to make certain that we’re catching your target at a time when they’re likely to engage and make it easy for them to do so, wherever they are.


– On a daily basis we check all social outlets for audience interactions such as comments, shares, reviews, and more.

– We respond to audience members in a timely, professional manner.

– We invite potential audience members to like the page.

– Private messages are also followed up on.

content creation

– We complete a Content Strategy Guide (CSG) with the client that enables us to have a true understanding of their company culture, business objectives, and audience.

– On a weekly basis we refer to the CSG to craft customized, branded content.

– Each week the client receives a document with all of the content for the following week for the editing and approval process.

– Next, we schedule the content to distribute across all your social media outlets at the optimal times for maximum exposure.


– On a weekly basis we deploy organic growth hacks to seek out potential audience members and get them involved in the client’s community.

– We also strategically use the client’s ad budget to increase their audience with paid ad campaigns.

paid ads

– Your account manager will create, manage, and report on your social media ads.

– We manage ads across various platforms to effectively utilize a set monthly budget.

our process

Social media is just that, social. That means people interacting with other people, so to be successful you need to be sure your company is acting like a person, not a corporate entity. It’s important to start thinking about how you can express the human elements of your brand even if you’re in the B2B market because believe it or not, they’re people too.

A member of the KreativElement social media team will essentially be your outsourced social media marketing manager. Your social media manager will work with you to create a quarterly content strategy guide. This guide will define your objectives, audience, and social media goals. You will meet with your social media manager quarterly to update your strategy guide to track and report on goals and keep the most up to date tools, information, and industry specific content at work in your strategy. Each week, your social media manager will refer to the content strategy guide to curate content for each of your social media outlets and their specific audiences. You will receive this content weekly for approval or feedback. Once approved, the content is scheduled. Your social media manager will also manage your ad budget through boosted posts and/or ads on the specified outlets.

During each week, growth and engagement are also managed. This means your social media manager will monitor how your audience is engaging with you via your social media outlets. They will also like, follow, and engage with potential customers and clients to expand your social reach.

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