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Have you ever created an ads manager account on a social network and found that the interface is confusing, frustrating, and really not designed with the everyday user in mind? Well, there is a simple reason for that -they are confusing, frustrating, and not designed with the non-marketing person in mind. As is the case with most every system and process, the more experience you have, the more proficient you become, and that’s why some things are best left to the experts.

American adults spend over 11 hours each day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media. We realize that sounds like a ridiculous statistic, but it’s true, and it’s powerful. As a consumer yourself, you can imagine how hard it can be to differentiate your brand. When you tap into the power of social media through paid advertising, you’re given an enormous opportunity -do you know what to do with it? We do!


For many organizations, Facebook is still the reigning king when it comes to social media. Facebook Ads Manager has developed into a robust platform that allows businesses to use dozens of different ad objectives and target the audience they’re trying to reach. These capabilities allow businesses to reach the people most likely to be interested in their products and services, but can also be confusing for those unfamiliar with Facebook Ads Manager.


Another fan favorite social media platform, Instagram is most popular among Gen Z and Millennials. Since Facebook bought the platform back in 2012, Instagram shares many of the same targeting options as Facebook. Instagram ads can be created through both Facebook Ads Manager and the mobile app, leading to some confusion among less experienced advertisers. When used correctly, the advertising potential on Instagram could benefit most businesses, regardless of industry.


Previously for young folks with little to no money, the Snapchat demographic has changed swiftly and drastically. Millennials have hopped on the bandwagon in droves and they’re dragging their Boomer parents along with. Snapchat offers a very dynamic, interactive way to build and serve ads to a surprisingly wide audience. While we agree that this platform is certainly not the place for every industry, it could very well be the place that your product or service thrives. With a well-targeted audience and snappy design, the possibilities are exciting.


LinkedIn is the powerhouse tool for B2B businesses. As an engagement-driven platform LinkedIn provides a goldmine of constantly updated demographic information, giving your business the ability to serve ads to like-minded individuals within a specific industry. It’s an ideal way to do account-based marketing, reaching people who work at specific companies, who also have job titles showing they make decisions related to your product. LinkedIn makes targeting the person you want to speak with a breeze.


Aside from 330 million active users worldwide, Twitter’s ad space is one of the most effective and precise ad platforms out there with targeting options that rival Facebook and Google Ads. With most ad pricing on the rise, Twitter remains a low cost and high reach option for nearly every industry. What’s better is Twitter even takes on some of the risk by only making you pay when you’ve hit your marketing objective.


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