Friendly PC

competitive new marketing tactics

Friendly PC offers repair, wireless networking, computer upgrades, custom gaming, computer parts, and same-day computer repair services at the best prices. We have been working with Friendly PC for about four years of their seventeen years in business. Like many small businesses we’ve worked with, Friendly PC was relying heavily on Dex marketing services, but they realized that their marketing efforts needed to evolve in order to stay competitive and get the most return for every marketing dollar.

Our work with them started small, with a social media and blog management package. We believe that we should always be earning the business, and that’s just what we did. Our small proposal turned into a strong professional relationship, added services, and a total rebrand.

Today we use social media, digital ads, blog posts, SEO, photography, videography, and newsletters to position Friendly PC as trusted experts in their field, increase business, and improve top of mind awareness with their audience. Additionally, their recent rebrand is best showcased on their new WordPress site.

An added bonus is that we can rely on the friendly experts at Friendly PC to help us with our own IT needs. When our computers are down, our business is down. We always turn to Friendly PC to get us going again.

Social Media Management
Web Design & Development
Graphic Design
Digital Advertising

social media management

website design

Responsive Design

Made to look good on all screen sizes.

Online Store

The website we built includes an online e-commerce store, allowing Friendly PC to sell products on their website.






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