Google My Business: Marketing with Directions Requests & Insights

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Pay-Per-Click & Search Engine Marketing, Tips and Tricks

Early in 2018, Google My Business updated the insights page to include a heatmap of locations where searchers requested directions to businesses. 

For local marketers, Google My Business (GMB) is an extremely powerful asset to provide information to potential customers and boost online performance. Specifically, the directions request tool can tell marketers more about their customer base and where, geographically, to tailor and apply their marketing efforts. 

BrightLocal reports 87% of consumers have tried to find a local business’ contact information online. When looking for a phone number or address, 64% of those searchers find that information in the local map pack on Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) versus on a website.

In reality, these numbers aren’t all that shocking because Google controls just over 92% of the search engine market share. That automatically makes it the go-to option for the majority of searchers.

What Do GMB Directions Requests Look Like?

The tool includes a map view with your business location pinned and an option to filter results by the last week, month, or quarter with a table showing requests by the zip code they were made from.

snapshot of Google My Business directions requests tool

Using GMB Directions Data

There are plenty of ways that any marketer, beginner or expert, can make use of the data. Businesses that have higher foot traffic will benefit most, but even low traffic companies can still turn some profit using the data correctly. 

  1. Maybe your company hasn’t fully embraced online marketing yet and you’re using flyers mailed to your local community for lead generation. There’s no reason to waste money and materials in an area where customers are not traveling from. Instead, boost distribution to areas with higher directions requests. 

You could even include additional call-outs for parking, public transportation options, or nearby attractions that those searchers may find enticing or valuable. 

  1. If your company has gone digital with paid-search advertising, you can create campaigns focused on areas where searchers request directions most. 

For example, restaurants tend to have a highly varied customer flow. By incorporating the directions requests data into their ads, those restaurants can drive more engagement and visits from customers who work near them and have lunch breaks, and from evening diners who travel farther for dinner. 

Don’t forget to link your Google Ads account with your GMB account. Doing so allows users to view your address and request directions directly from the ads shown. 

Make the Most of Your GMB Listing

Depending on what type of business you run, there are dozens of tools and options that are available to add to your GMB listing. Shop hours, services offered, menus for restaurants, attributes of your business, and product descriptions are all items that you can optimize to push your listing to the top of the local pack. 

While the process may be simple, keeping up on the frequent changes and additions to Google My Business can take up a lot of time in your already busy schedule. KreativElement can help to boost your listing and keep it maintained as part of our marketing services.

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