3 Hacks for Repurposing Your Blog Content

by | May 1, 2023 | Copywriting

Ke - 3 Hacks for Repurposing Your Blog Content

Blogs have become an essential marketing tool for those who want to share their ideas and expertise with the world. However, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, there are many new channels for sharing content and engaging with your audience. Repurposing your blog content across various digital platforms is an excellent strategy to increase your visibility, gain more followers, and enhance your credibility — providing you not only with a great way to save time but also an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Let’s explore some effective ways to repurpose your blog content. 

YouTube — for those who would rather watch than read

Repurposing a blog for YouTube can be a highly effective strategy to expand your content reach and engage with a wider audience. By adapting your existing blog content into video format, you can tap into the enormous potential of YouTube’s vast user base and capitalize on the platform’s video-centric nature. 

As YouTube is the second largest search engine, next to Google (in fact, it’s even owned by Google!), you can further tap into the SEO capabilities. A well-optimized video increases the likelihood of it being discovered by users searching for related topics. Before uploading, optimize your video for YouTube search. Research keywords related to your content and incorporate them into your title, description, and tags. 

Furthermore, you can develop a fan base on YouTube with subscribers and engage in the comment section within each video. As some prefer watching videos over reading, you may open up the opportunity of reaching a wider audience that you may not have been hitting with the blog post alone. 

Lastly, the video itself can trickle down to other platforms like podcasts and social media. 

Podcasts – for audiences with a busy schedule 

Much like those who prefer watching videos over reading, podcasts have become an easy way for audiences to engage in your content as they work on other tasks. As many have busy schedules, viewers (or should I say “listeners”) have turned to podcasts to listen in while they drive, as they knock out tasks at work, and so on. 

Adapt your blog content for an auditory experience. Remember that podcasts are an audio medium, so you’ll need to adapt your written content accordingly. Use a conversational tone and avoid relying too heavily on visual references or complex visuals. Instead, focus on storytelling, engaging language, and providing clear explanations.

Create an engaging introduction that hooks the listener and sets the tone for the episode. Briefly introduce the topic, share any relevant background information, and provide context — all without reading directly from the blog, unless quoting. Likewise, script a compelling conclusion that summarizes the key points and encourages listeners to explore your blog or other related content.

Similarly to YouTube, podcasts need proper optimization as well to reach the right audience. Add metadata, including a catchy title, episode description, and relevant tags. This information will help optimize your podcast episode for search and discovery on podcast platforms.

Tip: The audio for the YouTube video can be turned into a podcast and cross-promoted. Reference something visually? Tell the audience to head over to YouTube to watch. 

Social media – to capture attention quickly

With the boom of social media, audiences have become accustomed to bite-size snippets of information whether it be videos, graphics, or captions. It is crucial to snag the viewer’s attention in the blink of an eye.

One blog has the potential to turn into a myriad of opportunities to engage with your audience. Identify key points, compelling quotes, statistics, or actionable tips from your blog posts that can be presented as standalone pieces of content. Break down the content into smaller, digestible chunks that can stand alone and still provide value to the audience.  

Craft compelling, concise captions that accompany your visual content. Summarize the main point or offer a teaser that entices viewers to click through to your blog for more information. Use compelling language, calls-to-action, or questions to encourage engagement and conversation.

Repurpose your blog content!

Each of these platforms allows you to engage with your audience in new and creative ways and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Also, each provides great insights and metrics to help you monitor and adjust to your audience’s preferences. 

Cross-promoting your blog content across YouTube, podcasts, and social media platforms is an excellent strategy to maximize your content’s visibility, engage diverse audiences, and drive traffic to your blog and your website. Each platform offers unique opportunities for promotion, and by leveraging their strengths, you can create a cohesive content ecosystem.

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